Kristen Stewart BFF Tweets Best Wishes, Support to Sullen Star

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Many Twihards may not want to hear it, especially when Robert Pattinson is rumored to be hitting the bottle extra hard these days, but Kristen Stewart is in rough shape.

Multiple sources confirm the actress is torn apart by her affair, the pain from which was evident in her initial public apology.

The Kristen Stewart Smirk

But while most Robsten supporters likely believe Kristen deserves everything she's feeling and experiencing, at least one friend remains in her corner.

Actress Scout Taylor Compton, with whom Stewart has been close for years, Tweeted the following messages this week:

please understand i support, care, and love my friends like you all do with yours, but also understand privacy should always be respected... wish i could take people's pain away. THAT would be my superpower... its a pain and hurt that will never be erased.

Do you care, Twilight Saga fans? Do you feel any pity at all for Stewart and the mistakes she has made? Or do you feel as if no punishment could be harsh enough for the woman who drove Robert Pattinson to despair?

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everyone makes mistakes, mr. pattinsons sisters are too young to know that people can & do change they said once a cheater always a cheater well that is so not true people who say that are so immature, everyone deserves a second chance in life. nobody in this world should judge anyone,


if i had kristin strewart her ceelphone numver if she had a crllphone i would want her number or some away to contack her to give her my surport and tell her weall make msitake we just need to be strong and move on and tell her i hope some day her and robert pattsion can move on and get married they blong togather and should not the media or nit case anti none fans of hers stop her from beaing who and what she loves to do and what ever movie she dose some day i am hopeing to be there for her if she need one mor female fan of her who surpart her all the away thats how i feel about those two.


Seriously people, wtf is with some of you? She did it because she wanted to physically be with someone else. THATS NATURE. Even animals we once believed to "mate for life" go off and are with other animals still. We are biologically programmed to be with multiple partners. It is only our selfishness and greed that makes that a big deal. People want to own their partners body. How the f*ck fair is that? Just because you love someone and are dating them has to mean you give up ownership of your body? That's BS. Sincerely, someone in an open relationship who isn't a jealous greedy f*ck bag and who isn't dating someone who is a jealous greedy f*ck bag.


And if people could JUST learn that having sex with someone else is f*cking nature and NOT a big deal. She wouldn't be crying every night and being treated like shit and he wouldn't be an alcoholic right now. What is truly worse people?


This crap is old move on. She's still trash.


She made a very humiliating mistake and she is the one getting the blame. What about the Married man? If they are truly in love they can work it out. Also she needs to stop hiding and take take the bull by the horn. Look at Esthr Prinn


Now I am getting mad. Look - this guy is a director and from many sources he was all over Kristen. I bet a million bucks she was merely concerned about getting blacklisted by this guy. So tragic.


yeah i agree if kristen and robert inlove each other no one can distroy them. Rob We know alots guys attract to kristen coz she young and beautyfull. Im wishing rob u open ur heart and mind.,For her mistake she done..maybe this only test both of you.she still very young that why older man and expert easy backmail kristen coz she still young.


@ mighty mouth- The only thing mighty is your mouth. I bet you did have some. More than some.


You are talking of privacy, k.stew was just been immatured, she should have told Rob.p the truth before going public(i wounder why she had to apologize to the public or fans instead of the man she loves)....i hate it that she cheated on my Rob.p with her director an many years older than her but i hope Rob.p forgives her cause i use to admire their relationship

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