Steven Tyler Leaves American Idol! Who Will Take Over?

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American Idol judge Steven Tyler is leaving his seat at the table. The news comes just hours after Jennifer Lopez announced her plans to leave Idol on The Today Show.

With Tyler leaving and Lopez threatening to do the same, the judges table looks mighty bare.

Tyler says the decision was made in order to focus on his band Aerosmith. "The next two years are dedicated to kicking some serious ass," the singer said in a statement. And he means business, as Aerosmith has a new album and tour all lined up.

Steven Tyler at the All-Star Game

So who take over Tyler's spot? Adam Lambert is rumored as a possible replacement.

Other possible American Idol season 12 judges include Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj.


Adam Lambert would definitely be a great choice. He's had the experience of being a performer for quite some time, and knows what it takes to be successful. He can relate to the contestants from being on that stage from when he was on Idol for season 8, so he has some knowledge of understanding what a judge is like. He has great talent,and is very entertaining. Adam has a very copacetic attitude, which I believe is one the traits needed to be a succesful judge. Jennifer wasn't bad, but she's just been too soft on the contestants. Adam Lambert might even bring back in the viewers of AI. He personally knows what the contestants go through on Idol. I think Adam is the best choice they can make.


pull the show, its had its time


He was often entertaining but not a good judge; Jennifer sounded silly with all her "baby" "sweetie" talk and repeated herself too much. Not a real good judge although she often gave good feedback. I think they should NOT promote their own shows. Some of their own presentations have not been very good.


Yeah Adam would be a good choice. I didn't like Steven Tyler. Too much swearing for a family show and his comments weren't funny. They need someone like Simon that can spit the Contests the truth.


Adam Lambert would definitely be a great choice..He is mega talented, has years of experience, can relate to the contestants and is so entertaining in himself. Jennifer I loved for her compassion and sensitivity..Steven is in another world..wasn't a good choice to me. Randy has been doing this forever, but he knows his shit! My opinion, and I am a 64 year old hippie.


It sucks he's leaving but I am looking forward 2 more Aerosmith music. Got a feeling AI's gonna stink now...Adam Lambert? Charlie Sheen? Adam's talented but can't see him being a great judge & Charlie'd be entertaining but wtf does he know about music? They need ppl that have had yrs in music, success,etc. Good luck AI!


Good to see him go. The guy looks more freaky each year and he sucked at being a judge.

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