Jennifer Lopez on American Idol: Time to Go

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Expect those American Idol judging rumors to only grow louder now.

Appearing this morning on The Today Show, Jennifer Lopez was asked about her status on the Fox smash and told Natalie Morales:

"I love everybody, I love the guys [Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and host Ryan Seacrest], but I am thinking it's time for me to go and do other things I love to do like films."

Jennifer Lopez on Stage

This isn't the first time that J. Lo has hinted at a departure, though it was seen as a contract negotiation a year ago.

However, following a disappointing ratings season, producers may want to go in a wholly different direction on Season 12. Potential replacement, according to recent chatter, include Adam Lambert, Miley Cyrus... and Charlie Sheen?

Do you want to see Jennifer Lopez as a judge next season?


J-LO might be missed if gone. It's not like Mariah Carey is a moral icon. She might be a little more talented. Aretha Franklin should only be a judge if she were on Black American Idol on the BET cable station..then again, regular American Idol might could use her as a mentor or a guest judge when they have tryouts from state to state..a small role but not a big role. And Adam Lambert has not earned the right to be there..just as well bring back Ellen...she has a recording studio now, i hear??


Aretha Franklin, Adam Lambert, Maria Carey and more......there is a wide selection out there!!! J-Lo is very talented, she is an actress 1st, singer and dancer and the mother of twins!!! What do you expect? She appears to be like wonder woman!!! And in the midst of a divorce which can be very stressful. She gives constructive criticism and she's been there when it comes to starting from the bottom and working her way up, so give her a break, she's done remarkably well and just trying to get the best talent out there! I have to be honest, some of the contestants should NEVER EVER have applied, and others are fantastic! Good luck to her! I hope Ryan Seacrest stays though.


If she comes back great, if not then obviously the decision was made for her to move on. Too bad Steven Tyler is leaving. The names dropped for replacement aren't bad, I'm sure whoever comes in to replace him will be great and as for a JLo replacement I'm sure it won't be a disappointment. We'll just have to wait and see.


I wish Randy would go. He has always been totally boring. I felt Steven and Jlo tried very hard to be fair, even tho I didn't always agree. I would LOVE to see Adam Lambert. Might even consider Miley, but what would Charlie Sheen know about music, and why is everyone giving him hundreds of chances to redeem himself. What does he have to do before people realize he is off his rocker??? Charlie Sheen? Really?


NOT tuning in if Adam and Katy are judges.


Jlo has no say if she going to come back to Idol season 12, that was already decided by News Corp back earlier this year, stating at the New Corp investor meeting that Jlo and Steve failed do due their job for not bringing up the TV ratings for season 11, and that News Corp has lost of estimatef 171 millions in commercial endorsements due to poor TV rating, News Corp has also decided they need “New Fresh Energy� for seasons 12, that means replacing all the current judges on Idol, so Jlo your fired, just like from Sony Records back 2010, your a failure.


That would be great if JLow gets booted off of A.I. The old lady added absolutely nothing to the show except a lot of unnecessary weeping! They need to get someone a little, no make that a lot younger. It looks like I can go back to watching the show.


I really don't care, she is getting too old to be acting like a teenager. Jennifer, grow up and accept that you are a woman, act like a woman and stop carrying on with someone who is young enough to be your child.


It's past time for her to leave. She has been awful from the beginning. The only surprise is that Idol ever chose this no talent bitch to begin with. She gushes over average talent and is tone deaf with the true talent. Idol resurrected her career but hopefully she is leaving.

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