American Idol Season 12 Judges: Candidates Emerge!

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With rumors of Adam Lambert on American Idol making the rounds, show sources now confirm that TV's top-rated program really is looking to make wholesale changes.

It may very well replace Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler.

"No one has signed any contracts yet and producers are currently putting out feelers and setting up meetings to see who they can get," an Idol source tells E! Online, adding that the following names are under panel consideration:

Miley Cyrus, No Pants
Katy Perry Goes Retro
Nicki Minaj in Vogue
Picture of Fergie

Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Fergie, Katy Perry and Will.I.Am.

Sounds like ideal poll fodder! Vote now and decide which of these candidate would make the best American Idol judge:


Totally Katy Perry. She knows a lot about the music industry!


well i am a huge fan of miley cyrus and i believe she would make an excelent judge she has lots of experence and she is sucha great role modle for young and older types of people :)


i wish avril lavigne were one of the choices. i think she would do well and i would get more into the show. but lets face it i will watch it anyway because its a tradition for me, iv watched it every year sense i was 7.i would not watch it though if nicki or will i am was a new one. because of auto tune, like heather said. i would love adam katy and avril, but i dont think avril will be doing it :( so miley would be my next choice.


I'm not particularly a fan of Miley, but I think with as much experience as she has in the music industry that she'd be one of the better choices. She's also brutally honest, which is something the seasons have lacked since Simon's departure in 2010. I think Miley would be a good choice.
I don't know how I feel about Adam. I feel like since he knows the experience he might be a bit too nice to the contestants, which a lot of people, me anyway, are tired of seeing. I don't know much about him to fully make a judgement, though.
If they hire Nicki Minaj, Fergie, or Will.I.Am I'll stop watching forever. Nothing against them, but they all use autotune, which the contestants on Idol do not have the luxury of. I have an issue seeing them as "talented." I would choose Mariah Carey and Miley Cyrus, probably.


I think gene Simon would be perfect he has more years at this with loseing j lo n Steven taylor I'm hoping it's still worth watching what about jason aldean he sing all music n sexy to boot


adam lambert, mariah.gene simmons those are my choices


Jlo has no say if she going to come back to Idol season 12, that was already decide by News Corp back in February of this year, stating at the New Corp investor meeting that Jlo and Steve failed their job, for not bringing up the TV ratings for season 11, and that, and that News Corp has lost of estimate 171 millions in commercial endorsements due to poor TV rating, News Corp has also decided they need “New Fresh Energy� for seasons 12, that means replacing all the current judges on Idol, so Jlo your fired, just like from Sony Records back 2010, for failing to do your job again.


I’m all for change I’m not sure how it’s going to effect the show. I know I’m always hoping for he better I’ve loved watching this show for a few seasons now. American Idol happens to be one of my favorite shows during primetime. I’m excited to be able to watch this show commercial free with the new Auto Hop feature. The Auto Hop feature, which my coworker from Dish showed me, makes TV entertainment better. I have the choice to sit through boring commercials or skip them on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. This feature only works a day after the shows have aired. This does the fast forwarding for me, and I won’t wear the batteries in my remote like I’ve always done.


Miley,Miley n Miley all da tym...Adam Lambart is good enough bt she is da best in case of talent like singin,entertainin etc. Lets give a chance coz dis tym its all abt highest rating of da show dat Miley will definately bring....remember da tym wen Miley perform on da stage of AI it was highest rated moment...Miley go for it coz u owns dis platform....


Adam will add value to the show. He is articulate and he knows what he is talking about with regards to music and talent. He is qualified to be a judge.

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