Madonna Cries During "Like a Virgin" Performance

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One day, she disses Lady Gaga. The next, Madonna flashes the crowd. A week later, she moons the audience. The Material Girl's tour is full of surprises.

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    I"M WITH JIMBO !!! My sentiments EXACTLY !!!! I typed- Madonna/phony/narcissistic into my search and found this site ! With Jimbo's post- I had already seen the performance once on you tube earlier-so I didn't bother to see it again- It reminded me of an old drunk lady who's just about to pass out at some cheesy karaoke club ! "puke"-"gag"-"spew"


    "Madonna Cries During "Like a Virgin" Performance"... menopause can do that.


    Wow. Harshness abound. I grew up with Madonna and have always loved that she is 'controversial' - it's kept her in the spotlight how many years? I don't know if it was 'staged' or not...but I also cannot imagine the pressure she is under, that she puts on herself, or that people expect from her. I would never want to be this famous for too many reasons to list. She is human though, not just some botoxed, robo-music queen. I'm sure her emotions run the gamut, as do all of ours. I think she kicks ass - especially since she is in her 50s....more power to her.


    Funny, a over 50 year old bag on stage singing like a virgin is pathetic. She looks beat and tired. It just looks so foolish coming from this old bag. Go retire already. You old fart.


    Maybe it's the Demons of days past. She has strung her shit all over this world. Her rebellious streak grew old years ago and she has slept with 2 many. You can dress her up all you want and she will be nothing more than a polished slut. BE KIND TO EVERY ONE ON YOUR WAY UP THE LADDER BECAUSE YOUR GOING TO SEE THEM
    AGAIN ON YOUR WAY BACK DOWN! So goes Madonna.


    A few minutes ago, I just finished watching that footage of Madonna. At 6 minutes and 46 seconds, that was one of the W-O-R-S-T pieces of shit that I've seen...EVER!!!!! Madonna has the emotional range (or whatever) of a mannequin in a department store display window. Pathetic. After a while, no wonder Guy Ritchie got fed up and sick and tired of Madonna's arrogant, bullying and controlling ways and left her stupid WHACK-ASS!!!!! Bottom Line: Madonna is a washed-up L-O-S-E-R!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This woman is old and emotional she has become a whining bag about ... well just about everything.. horrible ingrate to her fans and other entertainers.Sad comment about someone my own age


    Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!!! Madonna is nothing but a bullying and dried-up looking CONTROL FREAK!!!!! At this point, what MAN and/or WOMAN in their right mind would wanna HIT DAT with Madonna? Let me see...NO ONE!!!!! Madonna, do the whole world a favor and FINALLY R-E-T-I-R-E!!!!!


    What a phony, narcissistic, self-absorbed bitch! Her entire schtick has become boring and tiresome. I used to be a huge Madonna fan but she needs to get out of the limelight and reinvent herself. She isn't 25 anymore.


    I hated that version of the song, not sure how I feel about her crying on stage though :/

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