Madonna Covers Lady Gaga in Concert: A Diss or a Tribute?

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Madonna recently went out of her way to once again not-so-subtly remind everyone that she is, in fact, in a sense, an older version of Lady Gaga.

The queen of pop was performing "Express Yourself" at a rehearsal in Tel Aviv, Israel when she suddenly trotted out a cover of "Born This Way."

Of course, the two tracks blended seamlessly, reviving debate over whether Lady Gaga ripped off Madonna with her 2011 smash hit single.

Although she stayed mum on Gaga's song for some time, Madge eventually referred to it as "reductive" and undoubtedly influenced by her earlier work.

There is no actual feud here, but the whole thing seems to have an air of condescension, as if Madonna is wielding the cover over her head.

Or, on the other hand, is Madonna merely winking at the controversy while celebrating the younger performer and the highest form of flattery?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.


I have just been reading some of the comments of my fellow responders, and HUH????? Gaga washed up? Gaga a has been? REALLY? What have you people been smokin'? Time to put down the lawn clippings and get onto the real deal -- let it open up your mind a bit, all ye who are narrow-minded and heavy-laden! ALL PAST WORK INFLUENCES THAT WHICH COMES AFTER IT. That's how life works! We build on what came before us! As far as copyright infringement goes, I know LG is smart enough to change the melody enough to not get pinched. You only have to change so many measures or so many notes to make it legal, and LG has enough sense to check into that LEGALLY.) Even changing the time signature of the song counts, and it is obvious that auld Madge slowed down "BTW" to make it fit "seamlessly" with "Express Yourself". So who dished the first dis? Chicken or egg? It's your call, really . . .


First off, Madonna was NOT advocating for LGBTQ then - it (the song) was used by EVERYONE as a theme song for the 80's/90's and expressed the mood of the time. Second, the melodies may be similar but the messages are totally different! "Put your lover to the test" and "BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE" are two entirely different concepts! Third, past work ALWAYS influences future work - it can't help but do! Fourth, Lady Gaga's work is STREETS ahead of auld Madge in every way that counts in performance - creative content, innovation, dance and vocal ability, choreography, costuming (can you just see auld Madge in a see-through Lucite shell with nothing but e-tape pasties on those sagging 50+ tits? EEEWWWWW!!!!) The message is relevant to NOW, and a whole lot has changed since Madge's heyday. Too bad Madge "forgot her religion" in this blatant DIS. That's gonna come back to bite her in the end . . .


as an avid madonna fan and a gaga-hater i think this is still absolutely rediculous and utterly pathetic on madonna's part. shame on you madge.
I honest to god hope that lady gaga is more grown up and retaliates by as smaller means as possible, that would make madonna look an utter twat.
gotta love the material girl, but this is just really bloody stupid on madonna's part.


"She's Not Me!" WTF. How is that NOT a diss. What an old hag. Get over yourself Madonna. She slowed the song down to make it more compatible. Yeah it sounds similar, but lots of songs do. And last time I checked, last year she was praising the song saying she loved it and was fine with it. Looks like she just wants her spot back in the light and she's willing to make digs and act like a child, which she wishes she was...old croon. And this is coming from a Madonna and Gaga fan. I'm sick of her egotistical shit. It's sad too cause Gaga has said in the past that she and Madonna were friends.


Oh, you really think so? How sad.. I feel so sorry for you.
Ppl buy music cause they love music. Would you buy any crappy song from any hot looking girl? You're just a poor idiot ;) And don't diss gay ppl you should grown up first it's even not worth to talk to you. childish bastard ^^


One thing that Madonna has on Gaga is that men wanted to fuck her back in the day. Madonnas music was shit but guys bought because she was so slutty-hot. Guys dont buy tranny Gagas shit because we are sure she has a dick and who wants to fuck that. Thats why only gay guys buy her crap music. So thats 50% of the market lost forever.


Shame on you MADONNA!!! Fuck that bitch this bitch still thinks she's the queen how ridiculous.
She's an old tainted grandma and WTF she's still thinking she were a girl LOL 'She's not me' - Yeah, of course Gaga isn't Madonna. Madonna never will be such an amazing and beautiful talent/person than Gaga Middle Finger For Madonna!! ^^


I am a music lover, and all I know is that you need to give respect to earn respect. Gosh Madonna just because your old as the queen doesn't mean you are the Queen. Look, many of us are influenced by a lot of things, and Gaga is influenced by pop culture and art. She should be humbled and be glad that she is being attributed in a way. I mean I am a fan of Gaga, and huge one, but I am a fan of music also. People should stop comparing them, or better yet Madonna should stop adding fuel to the fire. Gaga is not reductive and she's her own artist. And if she thinks she's not original, well hello grandma, I suggest she should take a hard look in the mirror once in awhile.


That old hag needs to get her act straight the more she disses on stage about gaga, the more her fans will attack her. And we all know that the little monsters are so many and so strong that Madonna can't handle that. I mean she is an icon, but common' what a diva! She puts the word diva in a bad spotlight.


I agree with you Jaelyn. Well said. All artists somehow appropriate other artists. I imagine usually unconsciously. I mean wasn't there an Abba song that Madonna appropriated. So why all the uproar? Gaga is at the top of her game right now. Kind of incredible the international stardom. Just like Madonna was in her day I imagine. Why don't we stop all the dissing.

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