Madonna Flashes Nipple in Concert [VIDEO]

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Even at 53, Madonna is clearly not afraid to go there.

During her concert in Istanbul this weekend, the Queen of Pop tantalized the crowd during a performance of her hit song “Human Nature,” wearing a skimpy bra top that she promptly pulled down to reveal one voluptuous nipple.

This was no wardrobe malfunction, either.

This is Madge basically saying "yes, I can and will do this ... deal."

As the decades go by, Madonna has shown no signs of slowing down, or going soft. She continues confront critics - with an absence of subtlety - who say she goes too far in invoking sex in her music and performances.

She's still finding an audience for it, too.

Her big MDNA concert stop in Istanbul came before 55,000 strong, and she reportedly followed up “Human Nature” with “Like A Virgin” ... natch.


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How long is the concert?


It's amazing how hateful people can be. Stop judging people, she is has worked hard to get to where she is, opened lots of doors for women in the media and has many years ahead of her, it's sad to see people criticizing her for showing a nipple, grow up it's 2012, older women can be sexy and they do not need to wear grandma clothing after 50. Go Madonna!


from 30 seconds to the end, the audio could match a crowd of people being ran over by a train


She is a nasty exhibitionist, she also likes spreading her legs wide open during some of her concerts, to you young kids out there that like madonna' don't be afraid of what you see, she is old and used up. She thinks she still has it. Old age taking affect


did she forget this isnt the80s.after she trashed janet what a hypocrite.did she forget to read the memo its2012 cds no longer sell,save a dollar


next time try not to stand so close to assholes that yell so loud it ruins the video


It's so horrible, she shouldn't be doing that at her age. She's not 20 anymore so she needs to stop acting like one and just retire. Seeing how bitchy she is towards other celebrities makes me sick because she sees them as a threat. God, she's meant to be being a perfect example for her kids and look at them, one of them is smoking underage.


For the people saying, we don't want to see her nipple .. you just did..
Madonna is Madonna people.. an entertainer. She has been doing it for decades. Mind your own business and let other people live their lives..
One of the comments read.. she looks better than most 23 year olds. TRUE!
We live in the fattest country in the world, if you look like that at 53 then GOOD FOR YOU MADONNA!
I am positive some of the bad comments are coming from either fat or ugly people.


I never thought I could pity a billionaire, but, there it is. You sad old woman

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