Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Not Speaking!

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Robert Pattinson has moved out of the home he shared with Kristen Stewart, that much we already knew.

But a fresh report suggests these stars are not utilizing Skype or sending texts or even dropping any direct Facebook messages: Stewart and Pattinson are not speaking at the moment, People sources say.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in London

The impasse, of course, is a result of Stewart's admitted affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Pattinson has not issued any statements on the embarrassing, hurtful matter, but insiders claim he's appalled that Kristen took the scandal public and is in hiding, trying to figure out his next step.

But the star will need to come out relatively soon, and he'll need to appear alongside Stewart when he does so: Pattinson and his Twilight costar are scheduled to present together September 6 at the MTV Video Music Awards.

It's safe to assume a few people might be tuning in for that now.

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Hilarity, all the catty women making statements on his behalf. It never fails that women will always bash the woman before the guys. Whores. Were you in their bedroom, privy to their conversations, do you realize their are two sides to every story???? Get a life, pulease! yes, Kat, you are no psychologist and we can see need to have brains, and discipline, for that.


Ohh by the way kristen you actually you dont know what you want.. and thats not love what you feel for robert and like I always say this to the whole world!!! ones you cheat you always cheats no matter what happened...


I would love to say somethings
First of all I love you robert...
Well kristen why did you cheat on robert if you said you loved him so, he didnt deserved what you done to him because he loved you sinces the first time he met you, and actually you were my best fan but what you did to robert you out of my heart
Well kristen if you love him so much like you said let him go he deserve someone to respect him and have the love he deserve and to be treated better.... Robert I would love to give you the love you deserve baby


I don't think it's up to anyone to judge her or the director she shared an indescretion with. Hopefuly things will sort out, calm down and let what is to be happen the way it's supposed. No sense bashing either of them.


ok just had coffee with some girlfriends and they are a bit fed up with the Robsten thing too.Their question is "Why has Kristen never said why she did it?. As one of my friends said if he loves her as much as he is saying he does then he needs to shown her he can be the bigger person here and take her back. Yes he is hurt, devastated, angry and broken hearted we get that, but if kristen is willing to give up Hollywood for him then he needs to lay down the law and some rules for her to abide by. She will have to earn his trust back which will take a long time.


Ok this whole Rob/Kristen thing is getting way out of hand. People should just leave them alone to sort it out for themselves. It doesn't make a difference what people think or say Rob/Kristen will deal with it. I just hope Rob makes the right decision because he has to live with it for the rest of his life and so will Kristen. I don't think anyone knows what the real truth is because it is all heresay. Rob said this Kristen said this, Rob's friends said this. Who knows what the real truth is! lets leave them alone to work it thru people.


i think its sad he didn't deserve it. how could she be so.self absorbed and heartless if she cared and loved him like she said she did then she wouldn't of even had a second of indescrtion let alone a moment. i think she wanted an easy way out. i don't think he should be so forgiving cheaters shouldnt get second chances its wrong. there is no other way to look at it. i think Rob should just move on and find someone who can really love him and not cheat


i think its


What I would like to know is what Rupert Sanders was thinking. His wife isn't stunning but she is a diamond of the first water compared to Kristen, who always puts me in the mind of a trashy drag queen wannabe. Robert didn't exercise sense in falling for her, but Sanders is a married man and should have had the sense to stay faithful to his wife.


I'm no psychologist, but it seems clear that Kristen was intentionally not careful enough to keep this out of the tabloids. She may have been sensing the direction that Rob was heading and it made her nervous, because I don't think she is ready for marriage and forever. Rob was gone on her from the get-go, and though she entered into the relationship, she was not willing to take it public. So here she is, realizing now how much he means to her - and he's had enough. This has been too much of a one-sided affair and I imagine he is tired of chasing after someone who doesn't feel the same about commitment. I hope he can heal, I hope she grows up, and they both move on - whatever that looks like.

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