Robert Pattinson Moves Out!

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If a new report is to be believed, the beginning of the end for Robsten is upon us.

A People insider tells that publication Robert Pattinson has moved out of the Los Angeles home he's been sharing with Kristen Stewart and:

"I'm not sure they'll be able to recover from this."

Robert Pattinson in a Tuxedo

THIS, of course, refers to Stewart's admitted affair with Rupert Sanders, which comes complete with sordid photos and a scorned wife and young kids.

Pattinson has not spoken publicly about the incident, but this same source says he's in seclusion and is simply "heartbroken and angry." We'd have to imagine so.

Back in April, Robert gave an interview in which he questioned why anyone would ever cheat and added that when he's in a relationship, he's "100% in it." How ironic and unfortunate that those words now come back to haunt him.

Hang in there, RP!

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As a brit who knows how British men are on very sure rob will in time get over kristen. I however am 100% sure he will not get back with her, she has hurt him too deeply. His friends and family will get him through this. And kristen, this has done your career no good at all.


Rule Number 1) Age does not make some one a woman or a lady. You need a lady........
Always thought you were too good for Kristen.
Do not let this change who you are. I have been through this and I promise you that you are not the one who should be humiliated........ Be thankful you found out now!
I love your music! Your talent shows the kind of passion and fire you have in your heart! I will always follow your music. Maybe one day, I will sit at a concert of yours in person.......


I just wonder if she really wanted out of her relationship with Rob. This girl knows that the cameras follow her everywhere. What in the world made her think that she would not get caught? Too bad she had to get get involved with a married man. Never ends well.....


that's uncool of you may-indo! you don't know rob, but sooner or later you will find out why kstew fall for rupert. one thing i'm certain that kstew is not happy with rob (for 3 yrs), all this bullshitting public-show of being together just to promote this vampire movie (in fact, rob is gay!). didn't you know that chris has a fling with kstew but he already knows about rupert-kstew affair on their set. every guy on this planet are falling in love with kstew. and i never seen love in rob's eyes with kstew!


Really Really disappointed on Kristen Stewart.... You have cheat on Robert Pattinson... I guess he better find a much better someone than you... sO SHAMELESSSSSSS!!!! FUCK!!!! HATE U NOW!!!


i'm totally agreeing with rob. if you don't love somebody enough to withstand the temptation in order not to hurt them, you shouldn't be dating them. i just feel really bad for rob and the wife and kids, since they can't escape those news =/ i wouldn't wanna be in their shoes right now. it's a pity, cause i really liked robsten


Who cares!!! I mean i love love love Kristen Stewart but i think everyone is too wrapped up in the bella edward roles.. thats not who they are just charcters they portray. First of all im not saying cheating is right at all but people are saying some pretty harsh things towards a girl who made a mistake the same mistake a million people make everyday. Shes only 22 years old so she has to explore her life and options outside of robert. and can we say double standards much?? if it were him who cheated would the world give him this much crap?? Probably not cause hes a guy and thats what guys do so says society. And im pretty sure she didnt cheat on any of you so calling her a tramp and everything else is so horrible. I never thought he was good enough for her anyway!!!!! i wish it was charlize she cheated with ;)


and btw once a cheater always a cheater isn't true. people are subject to change. we grow and learn everyday. it's just a struggle to not continue with the actions. i am not a cheater myself but a close friend of mine used to be. anyone can "BE" a cheater. it's just about how strong your values and morals are. :D Kristen can change and realize that rob is the one for her and never want to mess her relationship up again. it just depends on her morals as a person. which don't look that great right now. . .


people make mistakes and it depends on who they are and how they choose to deal with it. rob needs to decide if he can get over it and if their relationship is worth it. jus like any ordinary couple hurdles come into our paths single or taken it just depends on how high you are willing to jump to get past them. :D They're both young, rich, beautiful and famous but that doesn't mean their lives aren't hard either. Ya they don't have to worry about finances but everything else still effects them. They're human. I wish them the best! If things don't work out. . . . ROB!!!!! :D lol


I agree with some comments, he should see what he really felt and not go through the minds of others and let others quizerem WHAT to think, but what he really feels for her and she with him, if he really likes it should give a chance for her and the hearts of two ... impesa continaçao not that the movie more for everything you have in common and you guys will have to kiss, you will not want to get away from each other ...

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