Justin Bieber Music Video Sneak Peek: "As Long As You Love Me"

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Justin Bieber gets dramatic in the just-released sneak peek at his upcoming video for "As Long As You Love Me."

Featuring an extended scene of acting, sans music, the video opens with the 18-year old sensation speaking with the father of his girlfriend, played by actor Michael Madsen. He's being told not to contact the love of his life, but come on. Do you really think that will stop The Biebs?

“Here it is," Bieber Tweeted upon the release. "The rest of the video hits this coming WEDNESDAY…it is INSANE!”

Fortunately, Justin stopped himself from using any four-letter words while sending that Tweet.


hey marlen and scissorsluv how u dare to say anything about justin.evryone likes him so its a need to watch his super cool and hot music videos


Why do ppl see justin biebers music viedos if they dont even like him


Dis video stinks like d sewer


Wow Justin your so hot ;)

Bob sodervick

Justin has the Midas Touch....everything he touches turns to gold....so will this song/video!!


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