Airline Passenger to Justin Bieber: Hush!

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He may be a mega, super, duper star, but it's sometimes easy to forget: Justin Bieber is only 18 years old.

And that teenage side reportedly came out during a 12-hour flight from Australia to Los Angeles this week, as TMZ sources say the singer and his entourage grew a bit rowdy in first class.

Cool like Bieber

In response to the noise and abundance of four-letter words, a mother of two approached Justin and reprimanded him.

Witnesses say the lady told Bieber to "stop yelling curse words and using that kind of language on a plane. It's not appropriate."

The Biebs immediately apologized profusely and quickly quieted down, which is sort of adorable to imagine. Yes, even Justin Bieber needs to be scolded sometimes.

Elsewhere in Bieber Land, Justin recently made headlines for opening up about sex during a Rolling Stone interview. Spoiler alert: he has it. But only because he's in love.



I think you should just leave him alone and let him live his own life with his beautiful and friendly girlfriend.


Ppl just give him a break he is just trying to live his life


Give him a break!i get craz3 2 smtymz..itz normal.he is human 2 u shws respect cz he apologisd and al u gtta gv him credit 4 that not evry1 dz that.


Of course he would apologize, he's Canadian [who knows a G5 rents for minimum $5000 an hour].


What? He flies commercial? How pedestrian. I expected better from the Biebs. Get your own gulfstream already so you don't have to put up with mommy bloggers while on a flight.


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