Did Kristen Stewart Get a Boob Job?

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Let's go ahead and answer the question posed in our headline right off the bat: NO, Kristen Stewart might be the last actress in Hollywood who would ever get a boob job.

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    And 'guest,' Kristen Stewart isn't 'ugly' and an 'emotionless' actress, shes one of the most earning actresses in the world with one of the hottest guys on the planet...shes anything but that. Yeah, she doesnt smile all the time, buts thats because she isnt fake and puts it on for other people, she is herself and one of the most down to earth actresses you'll ever know, just like charlize theron.


    Of course she hasn't...it might just be the fact that shes gone from wearing no bra in one picture to wearing one in the other.


    Relax everyone! I am a professional Boobologist and I studied the photos very closely and have concluded that I need further evidence (such as a photo without her shirt on).

    As for ATL Terrell's comments in regards to how ugly this girl is: Who is the prison guard that let you use the computer? Please go back to your cell now.


    For the people saying "who cares". Apparently you since you read and commented, your cared to shared your care. And yes.... She is ugly and such a horrible emotionless actress


    come on, every female wth A or B cup owns at least one padded bra! i don't even know how this is a story


    this girl is fugly...straight up white girl wit no ass,She pale u white guys can have her.Your women are ez as hell anyway lol


    You know- I've had bras/shirts that made my boobs look tiny & others that made them look huge. This guy obviously just wants attention. Whatever who cares...


    So WhAt WhO cArEs


    Living with Rpattz probably contributed more to the difference in size.


    Maybe there was a sale on Kleenex at the supermarket. Think she would have gone a bit bigger with work done. Just looks like an adjustment from ironing board to something there. But it’s no one’s business anyhow.

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