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Michael Vick appeared on Pies Morgan Tonight yesterday and said he’d be interesting in adopting a new puppy for his children, telling the host:

“I can’t take that dream away from them. That’s selfish on my behalf.”

But the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sees things very differently, releasing a statement in response and calling out the Eagles quarterback – who spent 19 months in prison for dogfighting – for even considering such an idea.

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“Vick’s journey toward rehabilitation and redemption has not reflected any direct concern for the wellbeing of animals, and we’ve never heard him express a shred of empathy toward the dogs he brutalized and killed,” the ASPCA tells TMZ.

“Rather than talk about the horrors and brutalities of dog fighting, Vick has instead chosen to focus on the consequences of getting caught.

“Vick’s actions have been simply self-serving and not remotely expressing remorse. Because of this, the ASPCA has serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet guardian.”

Hey, at least the organization didn’t say it thought Vick should die.

What do YOU think? Should Michael Vick adopt a dog?