Casey Anthony's Car Smelled Like Dead Body, Lawyer Says

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Casey Anthony's former lawyer Jose Baez is certainly dropping some memorable quotes in his new book. Among them? That he felt her car smelled like a corpse.

In Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story Baez recalled looking in the car trunk, where prosecutors believed her daughter Caylee’s body was hidden.

“I could smell something rotten," he wrote. "I had been to a morgue before and my first impression was that this smelled like a dead body."

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"I smelled something else, a chemical-like substance. If you took a good strong whiff, it almost hurt your nostrils. 'Oh my God,' I thought."

"'I’m going to have to talk to Casey about taking a plea.'"

Casey insists she did not kill Caylee, and a jury found her not guilty one year ago today, despite various witness accounts of her Pontiac Sunfire.

George Anthony, Casey's father, testified that when he went to pick up the car from the impound lot, he smelled “something that you would never forget.”

Casey Anthony Partying

He said a prayer hoping he wouldn’t find Caylee’s body when he opened the trunk; he did not. Amazingly, her mother had about the same reaction.

Cindy Anthony told a 911 dispatcher in 2008 that, "I found my daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car!”

How did Baez work around this seemingly damning evidence? By proving that whatever his suspicions might be, it wasn't conclusive evidence at all.

Forensic expert Henry Lee said on the stand after examining the car, “You never know whether it’s decomposing garbage or a decomposing body.”

“I was extremely relieved,” Casey’s attorney wrote in the book about Lee's analysis, saying this was the answer he was looking for.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.


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casey anthony went to hell and did the indigent thing and no amount of money will make her gaga's tramp. No amt of money will return to us the baby girl Cadence Lynyll, my grANDDAUGHTER. nO ONE WILL REPAIR THE HURT SLUNG BY ABC girl about g. as a child molester either. Maybe this casey thing wasnt good to begin with. I am feeling not good about the florida decisions to keep me out of a trial in which I had tovindicate my own self and name from the clutches of a sacrifice cult, haters wanting to have abc later and child killers proved to be cops and desperate movie star types. CHer is one of these. Suzanne Kennedy is one of these. Casey Anthony trial was one big hate crime-an exercise designed to tax my own life a year of zestful living. A slavery rap for Florida if they do not apologise and bring money to me asap. I dont have th epalm harbor packet and keys of yoko ono. Do I have a nice place at bal harbour ala harrison and starkey? Hurry please. New York city isnt so prosperous or grand a place if excons can take pay from networks for trying to perform. I blameflorida for a year of my ife and ten years rep. The Tallahassee Court knows this and then I wonder where pam bondi sunk her hook. Did she kill Cadence? georgia Lynn jones new york city


So, where is the murderer of Kaylee? Could it be that she is a victim of the famous sacrifice cult? I asked the prosecutor of Fla this recently and rec'd no response. My own Cadence Lynyll has been found, a tiny rock and roll rebel child, dead as a victim of terrorism (pentagon statement).
Casey Anthony had to "see me everyday" and didn't even know that I had wings cut into the sides of my hair. She sure knre the name Cadence Lynyll and Hannah Lynn Tilley. SHe knew where we lived and she knew the cult as an all important feature of her life and very existence. Who killed Cadence Lynyll? Not a foreign power to it unless one stops to consider the fact that rock and roll and oil are both very very competitive fields of endeavor. Where was their envy--seven million dollars per hour in rock and roll because of the "radio show" ---Cadence Lynyll alone was bringing in that. sO, WHERE WAS soMETHING gIRL?


She should of gone to jail. All the evidence was there, the fact that the jury claimed her innocent if a fat lie. To me the case was rigged and Casey should be rotting in jail right now. No one would sit around without calling the police about their daughter missing for a month. She did and now she is living free of charge from her daughters death. Unbelievable.


I saw this scumbag tonight interviewed on a cable show. What a piece of shit he is. Bet him and his f'n slut/pig/whore murderess client are trying to ignite the case again to get some paid appearances. Hope someone F's both of em over real good. I turned off the program and that is what we all should do - botcott them. If the public is not interested they will both slime back under the rock.


He is the scum of the earth! No scruples whatsover! He's no better than that fat, ugly, baby killing whore! No profit for murder!!!!!


He is a money hungry scum bucket just like her. We can be angry, and we should. This is a prime example of why we have repeating offenders walk the street free. Money over justice and peoples safety.


He's scum. I can't believe it's legal to call someone an incestual child rapist, in open court, with no proof, undoubtedly knowing full and well it was a farce, and not be brought up on charges. If I had gone to law school, and used my law degree to defend someone THAT guilty, to me it would be an abuse of my title and a mockery of the American criminal justice system. However, that is me, Biaz is cut from a different cloth. It's obvious when you defend a child murderer, get that person cleared, and then proceed to try to make money off of the heinous murder of a child.


I totally agree with @Lana. Even though he was just doing his job he could have chosen to not work with her knowing what she did.


I understand that we all have the right to hire a lawyer. I believe that Jose Baez knew early on that his whore client killed her child and he represented her anyway. I could not represent a child murdering whore. For that reason I view Jose Baez as garbage.