Jose Baez on Casey Anthony: What a Head Case!

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In his new book, Casey Anthony's defense lawyer Jose Baez says the accused child killer lived in a "fantasy world" and has "serious mental health issues."


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    Now he's defending a pair of thugs that caused a girl to kill herself and demanding that the sheriff who called them out on it apologize! What a piece of scum. And this is why ppl. hate lawyers so much.


    She was also found not guilty because the prosecution was lazy and just took it for granted that she would be convicted. I watched everyday of this. I have never seen a case where the defense lawyer hands his client to the jury. In his opening statement - He said the kid drown in the pool! So you would think there is only one question that needed to be answered- how did her body get to the woods? Baez was actually saying- it was an accident, please don't give her the Death Penalty and they still could not get a conviction. I have never seen anything like it.

    @ Hanna

    How many trials have you seen? You clearly aren't a prosecutor, because the prosecution presented their mountain of evidence just fine. It WAS proven that she was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately they found twelve equally idiotic people that thought it must be proven beyond a SHADOW of a doubt.


    She wasn't found not guilty because the jury didn't think she did it. She was found not guilty because the prosecution failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. There's a difference. She is the definition of getting off in a technicality.


    How does this scumbag so called attorney sleep at night with that little angel, Caylee, now decently buried in the ground but NEVER being able to rest in peace. Casey Anthony is the personovation of EVIL without any conscience whatsoever. Oh, I forgot, psychopaths and sociopaths, along with pathological liars don't own a conscience. May you frie in HELL.

    @ Barbara Watson

    Unfortunately, Barbara ...Caylee's ashes were never interred ..Cindy found a way to make the ashes into little stones that are now pendants around both Casey and Cindy's necks!! The obscenity of this use of dear Caylee's ashes is beyond comment!


    Actually, I'm not for the death penalty but she really should have gotten life in prison instead of being set free and becoming a jet-setter flying on a private plane and treated like she's so "special" when she's really a piece of shit. Anyone with a miniscule of brain would know Jose Baez is lying also in terms of his book. I have a feeling karma is coming soon with Casick's upcoming trials where she'll be grilled rather than mollycoddled as she was in protective custody in jail and during the criminal trial where she was able to avoid testifying.


    That cheeseburger, fries, and milkshake from Steak 'N Shake should have been her last meal before they fried her.


    PLEASE No One Buy This Book


    Baez is mentally ill.


    Sold out by your own lawyer. Wow.

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