Casey Anthony to Piers Morgan: Obviously I Didn't Kill Caylee!

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Since her acquittal in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony has kept a low profile, living in hiding and refusing all interviews.

But Tuesday afternoon via telephone, Anthony surprisingly spoke to CNN's Piers Morgan in a 10-minute discussion that was not played on-air.

Casey, 26, asserted her innocence, but says she's ashamed of who she was, and shed light on her current life as well as the public perception of her.

"Obviously I did not kill my daughter," Morgan quoted Anthony as saying last night "There's nothing in this world I've ever been so proud of."

"There's no one I loved more than [Caylee]. She's my greatest accomplishment."

Living in solitary seclusion, Anthony says she has reflected on some of her mistakes. "I didn't trust law enforcement because of my relationship with my father, who is ex law enforcement himself," she said.

"I didn't give them the benefit of the doubt, which is probably why they didn't give me the benefit of the doubt ... the public perception of me is bad. It's absolutely horrible. I was a stupid kid, but I've never been a 'party girl.'"

"I've gone through hell. I'm ashamed in many ways of the person I was."

Casey is now out of hiding and on the run after being served with a subpoena in the defamation case being brought by Zenaida Gonzalez.

Anthony's lawyer, Cheney Mason, appeared on Piers' program and revealed that she spends her days indoors, reading and watching television.

Her current literary fare: The Hunger Games trilogy.

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I too thought she was guilty but there is a real possibility that she really did drown in the family pool alot of children that age have been found in the family pool drownedl. I think george had casey use the duct tape to make it look like a kidknapping gone wrong. i think he had her hide the body in her trunk until they figured out how to dispose of it. i think george is lying to cover his own ass.

Ms billie

Jasmin are you crazy she killed a baby her own baby therefore she does not deserve a second chance.

Ms billie

The bitch is a total nut case and I agree everyone knows she killer her daughter and lied enough to get away with it. What bothers me more than anything is the bitch is saying she wants to have twins now. Why wasn't killing one baby enough so she's going for 2 more....


Plis who ‎​ Ȋ̊�̅§ dis casey?am just reading about her for the first time,and her story is quiet interesting and dis-heartening.can someone just tell me about her and her poor lill innocent baby?tanx all.


Jasmine- are you insane? What a ridiculous thing to say. Ppl that murder babies don't deserve second chances. She wouldnt have a second chance if she had gone to jail (like she should have). Shees.


I don't believe her but come on but come on people everyone deserves a second chance. Shees


I'm sorry but who the fuck is going to actually believe this bitch is OBVIOUSLY innocent??? She knows what she's eating at her...she will not be able to rest until she clears her concious!!!


Hm, I completely forgot about her. Perhaps this is why she popped up again? The public was forgetting about her?


She is STILL THE SAME LYING, BABY MURDERING, LOW LIFE WHORE SHE ALWAYS WAS AND WILL BE!!! Every decent person in this world knows it!!!!! She is not kidding anyone, & I truly hope karma pays this evil witch a visit very soon!!! We saw on her jailhouse tapes her telling her father what a wonderful father & grandfather he was, then, she LIES & claims he & Lee sexually assaulted her!!! Delusional bitch! Oh yes!! Everyone wants Caseys big fat ass, huge dumbo ears, & homely face!! Evil, ugly, fat pig!!!

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Casey Anthony on Trial Casey Anthony is an accused murderer from Orlando, Florida. In 2008, authorities believe she killed her two-year-old, Caylee Marie... More »
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