Casey Anthony Verdict: Not Guilty!

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In a stunning verdict reached in just 10 hours and 40 minutes of deliberation, a jury acquitted Casey Anthony of murder this afternoon in Orlando, Fla.

A red-faced Anthony held back tears after the verdict. Having sat grim faced for almost six weeks of testimony, she beamed when she learned her fate.

Comprised of seven women and five men, ranging in ages from 32 to 65, the 12 members of the jury handed down the decision at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday.

The jurors spent four hours Sunday and six today breaking down the case against Casey. Ultimately, they found reasonable doubt and she walked.

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Accused of killing two-year-old daughter Caylee, she was found not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter.

Casey Anthony was found guilty on four counts of providing false information to law enforcement officers. Those charges are misdemeanor offenses.

Anthony could face a year in prison for each of the four counts, but since she's been incarcerated for three years already, she may go free altogether.

Sentencing on the guilty counts will be held on 9 a.m. Thursday.

The high-profile trial began on May 24. Much of the 33 days of testimony and two of closing arguments made a compelling case against Anthony.

Not enough, apparently. The absence of hard, physical evidence against her and a defense theory that was just plausible enough led to an acquittal.

Prosecutors claimed Casey Anthony killed Caylee with chloroform and suffocated her with duct tape over her mouth and nose, then left her in the woods.

Casey's defense team admitted she weaved a complex web of lies about what happened, but suggested that Caylee drowned in the pool by accident.

As for why Casey lied, her attorneys said that she behaved that way because she had been "trained to lie" through years of sexual abuse by her father.

Judge Belvin Perry ruled, however, that there was no evidence that Casey was abused and ordered that it not be mentioned in closing arguments.

Did the jury get it right? What do you think ...


nice gil


I do have a question....... did anyone pay any attention to the tape from jail; where Casey described Zanny the nanny as a small person with dark straight hair and sometimes curls. A little taller than Casey. How tall is Zanny and how much does she weigh? I know anyone can bleach their hair, because Zanny has. But are there any pictures of her during that time. I'm sure there would be. Before her attorney waste his money on this woman, he needs to check this out.I know there are more Teresa Harris than just me. As a matter of fact there are several in my town.


I agree with Teresa to a certain degree. But could the grandparents be lying because she is their daughter???what would any parent do??Casey was last seen with her mother all the lies didnt add up with Casey...I believe her parents lied to help their daughter.I will never believe Casey is innocent..But people are sending money to the prison for her what the stupid could you be..she never reported her daughter missing and etc and people support that and then just say well she is a liar but that doesnt make her a criminal..she never told the truth about anything..then the drowning in the pool lie..come on people this is crazy and actually we never heard Casey tell the story about the pool we heard what the tapes from the police station and all her lies from there FROM CASEY.


To the people of HLN..... you all kill me because you are all wasting your time assumeing. My son is a Dectective and this is why he WILL NOT NEVER speak to the media.Has anyone stopped to think crybaby George is a major factor in this case. He is a cop and more than likely a dirty cop!! He may have threatened Casey in some way that she had to lie. Has anyone ever thought abought that? I was married to a dirty cop, turned him in, he was given the lie detector test,failed it , and still has a job. George has the looks of a dirty cop and the attention needs to be turned on him. Like I said there is no telling what he threatened Casey with. He and his wife are involved and they need to focus on them. Your thoughts on this PLEAE!!!!!!!!!


BRAVO TO THE PEOPLE IN PUERTO RICO!!! I didn't see this newscast personally, a friend did...And it was my understanding that Miss Poopy Pants (aka Casey murderer Anthony) was going to move/live in Puerto Rico!! However, the people of Puerto Rico made signs telling her she is not wanted there!! YEAH!! Let us keep sending her the message that we know she is GUILTY...COMMON SENSE! And that she needs to move to mars....NO ONE wants her...She is EVIL!!


Dual sovereignty is a legal doctrine holding that more than one sovereign (e.g. a state government and the Federal government) may prosecute an individual without violating the prohibition against double jeopardy if the individual's act breaks the laws of each sovereignty.[1]


I think she is guilty of first degree murder of her daughter but who are we to really judge? We are not god and he will deal with her come judgenent day exspecially if in his eyes she is guilty in the death of her daughter.


This Kiiler walks free, because of the stupid and brainless jury team. They're so stupid, the worst that I've seen in criminal history.


To Barbara Perry...I agree with u, well said!! Casey Anthony knows what has happened to her little girl and so do the grandparents.Lies and Cover up, but the child is still gone.Murder without true repentance won't go unpunished, and how can one repent if they never confess( sins). God Bless this family and cover them with prayer, they will need it to face the future here in the U.S. where we all need God's mercy.We seem to forget that even some of our sins which don't hold a candle to murder could be punishable by death ( in biblical and moral law) and are all the same in God's eyes.God Bless!


it does not matter what we think, the jury made that decision it is not her fault on this. so she is a liar or whatever she has done. there is a judgment day for her. why should the nation talk threats.they will be no different than she is .god will take care of her in the long run. she wil pay more thanwhat she would here on earth.need to just let this die down the news is not helping at all on what they have to say.