President Obama Better Suited to Handle Alien Invasion Than Mitt Romney, Survey Finds

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A majority respondents to a new survey say President Barack Obama is better suited to handle an alien invasion than GOP nominee-in-waiting Mitt Romney.

Yes, someone actually polled this.

"We wanted the pulse on people's opinions," said Brad Dancer of National Geographic, who conducted the survey for the new series "Chasing UFOs."

"We wanted to get a sense of how Americans view UFOs, what people believe and how mainstream pop culture may or may not play into their opinions."

Obama vs. Romney

For whatever reason, nearly 65 percent of respondents said Obama would be better suited to handle a theoretical alien invasion than Romney.

Obama trumped Romney across the board, winning broad support from women (68 percent), men (61 percent) and those aged 18-64 (68 percent).

During a May visit to the White House by the actor Will Smith and his family, Obama was quizzed by Smith's 13-year-old son, Jaden, about aliens.

"OK, I can neither confirm or deny the existence of extraterrestrials," Obama said from the White House Situation Room, according to Will.

"But I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting, and if there would have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room."

No idea how Obama would poll against some top movie presidents.

Who would you vote for if the election were today?


No one really cares anymore about this "alien" nonsense. It must have been a slow news day. But the HUGE NEWS now is that Thursday, June 28th was a TREMENDOUS VICTORY for President Obama and all of us who will eventually need Health Care. And what a crushing defeat for Romney. Once all of the Republican "Lies and Myths" are all dispelled, Obama-care will receive an even larger welcome reception. "OBAMA 2012"! Yet another great reason to celebrate this 4th of July!


Gimmie a break...Really? What jerk-off decided that this was an actual, credible question for presidential candidates? In all actually we do have an alien invasion from Mexico. Border Patrol officers are getting hurt or killed and gov't doesn't give a damn. This country's downfall is coming. All nations such as Great Britain, France, Russia have gone through it. Maybe its our turn.


This destructive, liar, who became Pres., said no tax increase for families earning under a certain amount. Obamacare is forcing poor people to pay for their health ins. That's a tax. I'm happy with that part, these lazy losers on welfare, with have to part with some of their, UNEARNED money. lol.


@WV Peach....The whole damned question is absurd! Go with it! It's "tongue-in-cheek", Peachy! You must be a hyper-sensitive Obama supporter is all!

Wv peach

You sound totally absurd.


Of course, Obama would be better dealing with aliens....he's ONE of them!

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