Oprah Winfrey Signs Release to Appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

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Say it ain't so... prah.

In light of her two-part interview with the Kardashians garnering big ratings for her struggling network, Oprah Winfrey has reportedly signed a release that will allow her to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Oprah, Scott and Kourtney

"She and Khloe especially hit it off. Khloe had her dying laughing," an insider tells Us Weekly of the sit-down Winfrey had with Khloe and Lamar Odom. "It meant so much because she loves Oprah!"

Now, just to be clear: the signing of a release does NOT mean Oprah will actually appear on the E! reality series. It could very well mean that she has given the network permission to re-air snippets of her interviews.

It does, however, mean that the talk show queen will go any length to save her network, just as pretending as if Kim Kardashian delivered a profound response when she said of her failed marriage:

"I've obviously made plenty of mistakes in my lifetime, but I'm not the type to sit and beat myself up over it. If a real lesson was learned, I'm so okay with having experienced that."

"That is so perfect I could weep," responded Winfrey.


oprah did not give those cars away - she made a phone call to general motors and they gave her the cars---it was not from her own money--and the angel network---the viewers make the donations and she uses that money to donate to charities---she does thank the viewers for contributing and does say that because of them she gave to such and such a place---because of her big name, she can pick up the phone and ask walmart,target,kmart,etc.etc. to provide things for her giveaways


Thank u mboomer!! No respect for trash!! I don't hate,just don't support the kartrashian's!!! They will be known for fluff and no respect and most of all tramp kim's tape .......When do they stop the baby talk like paris and talk like the adult's they are?? Upper 20's and thirtyish so sad..............


Karen... I am no a hater at all. The only reason I do not like the Kardashians is what they represent. I did not watch the interview or do not watch the show but one cannot avoid them they are always somewhere. Their show every week is viewed by young naive girls who probably think that it is not a big deal to make a sex tape, have cat fights, jumping in and out of bed with guys, be on playboy mags or be naked on other mags, be greedy etc etc they are also very disrespecful to each other and their mother, once ROb called his sister kim a whore...they should be on tv after midnight and there would not be so many people objecting to them. There is over 320 millions people in America only 2.6 m watch this garbage so they are not that popular. Just saying. MB


I love the Kardasians and would love to see the interview. i live
in London is there any way i could see it i have got sky. Love Oprah
also. No one ask you haters to watch the interview or there show.
You people are sad and jealous thats why there bullies and race haters for what ever reason.


This is so sad it's funny! The whole interview is just absolutely ridiculous (yes, I watched). I like to see this just because it's human ridicule at an entertaining level!


Such desperation on both sides,how sad they will both lose in the long run. See ya..........


i agree mboomer Oprah and Kris are scratching each other's back. She must really be grasping at straws to get her network up in the ratings to have this low-life family on. I don't care how much money they're making they're disgusting with their ongoing lies, narcissistic behavior and outright greediness. Nothing about them is entertaining anymore. I stopped watching their shows a long time ago. I would have more respect for Oprah if asked her viewers for suggestions on what we would like to see on her network and what happen to Oprah's A-list friends who use to come on her TV show? Why aren't they helping out? I use to watch a few things on OWN but I'm done with Oprah now, just done.


This is so crazy... Oprah is in TV she is a great person in TV and TV is for ratings... I just dont get it... plus if you pulled the need to be negative from your eyes you would notice the network is doing considerably better this year... I dont know who you think you are that the Kardahsians should not be interviewed or related to - then use have the nerve to talk about ego... isnt is your ego that is judging the fact that an interviewer is actually interviewing a family that gets one of the highest ratings in TV? Lol!

Wv peach

I agree with you Mboomer! Oprah has pulled so many stunts to increase viewers and ratings for OWN....it's just become ridiculous. I think Oprah's ego became so big that she thought she was invincible; I'm sure her network woes have opened her eyes and grounded her by now. Still, to "weep" from Kim's profound statement is too much.


I cannot believe... you scratch my back I scratch yours!!! For only 1 million viewers (compare to B. Brown 3.5 millions) Oprah is selling out. The Kardatrashians are not her style, has never be, she is better than that... they are greed, immorality, bad behavior etc...very bad role model for young naive gullible women outhere and Oprah knows that. This is short term gains for long term losses only because the regulars of OWN will not watch anymore and I am one of them. MB

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