Louis C.K. on Sarah Palin Tweets: Not Sorry!

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Louis C.K. is far from apologetic about the profane Sarah Palin Tweets that caused major controversy and cost him his White House Correspondents' Dinner gig.

The Louis star was slated to host the annual D.C. event but bowed out amid the uproar sparked by harsh Tweets he wrote about the ex-Alaska Governor.

So, is he sorry? Mmmnot so much.

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Sarah Palin Hair

"It's caused me some problems that I wrote s--t about her," C.K. admitted on the Today show Monday. "But I also... why not, man? I mean, what is she?"

"She's just a person. I don't think she's some sacred person."

"And, to me," he added of his Tweets, which were written drunk on a plane, "I was writing poems. It was like poetry to me, and I enjoyed writing them."

Poetry comprised of C-bombs, F-bombs and Sarah Palin jokes.

Asked if he would write the same things again, C.K. replied:

"Yeah, I probably would, I think so. It still makes me laugh a little bit, the stuff that I wrote, when I think about it ... I actually thought it was well-written."

Hey, might as well own it. The man does not mince words.

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Louie is one of the better comedians out there right now. If people don't enjoy his humor don't watch! Maybe there's some lowlife reality shows you can go watch before you head out to your shopping adventures at walmarts or some other "great" place...you may be those americans who will stand up for the first amendment as long as you agree with what someone says...grow up.


I watched his show, twice. After the 1st time, I figured, the next episode, has to be better, it wasn't. Why a great station, like, FX, would renew this, insecure, overweight, lowlife comic's show, is beyond me.


I dont care what he said about Sarah Palin so this has nothing to do with her. He is not funny. He has his moments. But most of his stuff involves shit you just dont say, like about his child! We all joke about our kids but he crosses the line into foul. I just dont get the big deal about him when there are so many less know people who are much funnier

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