Kris Humphries Under Oath: Only Friends with Myla Sinanaj!

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Kris Humphries was deposed by Kim Kardashian's legal team yesterday, as the divorce case between this former couple hopefully nears an end.

Under oath, the power forward reportedly swore that he never actually dated Myla Sinanaj, a NYC hotel employee who has suddenly become a key player because Kardashian believes Kris' relationship with her shoots down his case of supposed heartbreak.

TMZ insiders say Kris told lawyers that he and Myla were only friends and he never revealed anything specific about Kim to her.

Kris Humphries Photograph

Other sources contradict this claim, however, with one alleging that Humphries opened up to Sinanaj about Kanye West and his suspicions that the rapper was getting it on with Kardashian.

Humphries is basing his case for more money from Kim on the accusation that she defrauded him into marriage and never had any intention of making the union work. But he offered no evidence for this assertion during his deposition, witnesses tell TMZ.

Up next, or in the near future, Sinanaj will answer questions, while Reggie Bush may even be dragged into this ridiculous mess.


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Kris Humphries Under Oath: Only Friends with Myla Sinanaj!
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F-R-A-U-D ..


Who care if he did have a girlfriend.. Don't ya think that Kim is bopping Kayne, What award show was she sat in the front row next to Beyonce and was with Kayne.. Oh please Kris H., deserves a settlement just as if the shoe was on the other foot.. Kim belittled him and shoved her family down his throat, it always had to be her way, no discussing with him previously, it was a bad deal all the way around and yes he called her names, you just dont' hear what she said about him.. It was a bad marriage all the way, but why should he not get a piece of the action, you know if it was the other way, Kim would be crying the blues wah wah wah


He is exactly what the promagnon man looked like. He is prehistoric looking


Team Humphries all the way! Someone needs to take the lying Kardashians down! Kim did it for money! If she wanted it to work out, then she would have done counseling. She hasn't even spoken to Kris since she filed. He is hurting and Kim doesn't give a fuck. God don't like ugly. Kim is ugly inside and out. She is so sad.


Thany u Alice. I agree this whole thing needss to b over and both should just go on with their lives. He was a total her.


Get this shit over. The both of them was full of it Kris even more so in the way he talk to her and call her names. He even did ugly things to just to make her crazy, he would not pick up behind his self he act like a ass in public places, he walk off and leave her. He just got with her to be know to break her in the public eyes. Judge rule it give him nothing and her nothing send them on they way pre nip was signed nipping it in the ass open and closed. SO CLOSED it.


frogmore, they are SEPARATED, so they can do WHATEVER. Kris LIED if he is stating UNDER OATH, that Myla and him are JUST FRIENDS.He thinks we are all douchebags like he is... LIED under OATH...NOW that is another SCAM/JOKE.


Can't believe they asked him that with all the shenanigans Kim has been pulling with other guys when the divorce isn't final.

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