Kris Humphries to Myla Sinanaj: Where Was Kanye?!?

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While the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West relationship may have come out of nowhere to most of the tabloid-reading public, Kris Humphries was reportedly convinced something was up between these two as far back as last summer.

How come? Because Kanye, despite being described as a "close family friend" by Kris Jenner last year, was NOT invited to Kris and Kim's ratings-based August wedding.

According to TMZ sources, Humphries openly wondered why this was the case, expressing suspicion to Myla Sinanaj during their time as a couple earlier this year.

Sinanaj has suddenly become an important player in the ongoing divorce battle between Kris and Kim, with the latter's attorney's summoning her to a deposition in order to spill details on her relationship with Humphries.

The latest report claims Kris told his former gal pal that he "felt played" by Kardashian and that Myla and Kris were actually together when the latter first heard Kanye admit to loving Kim via rap song.

Humphries was allegedly "visibly upset" when he heard the track.

That's how we feel every time we read a story about these terrible people.


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Kris Humphries to Myla Sinanaj: Where Was Kanye?!?
Now tell me it's not real!


Seriously u guys thinks Kris H is d devil, bt wat u all didn't kw is that Kim and Kris had d best time of their life b4 they even got married or brokeup... Life they say is not bed of roses, both of them are seriously hurt in one way or d other, its nt rite 2 hurt either of their fellings, just b nice... Am am just sayin( peace)


What i don't understand is why her agreement to a private religious annulment was not negotiated as settlement?


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Was Kanye not invited to the wedding, or did he not attend the wedding? Huge difference!


Kris is dumb, he should have seen this coming. He didn't even know Kim and he was marrying her. How can you not know she was married before and all these things. Don't get me wrong I like the Kardashians but there life is pretty much an open bool. No one knew who you were until you dated Kim. It would have been ratings if Kanye did show up and start blasting him infront of everyone like he did Taylor. But yeah why would Kanye want to go a wedding of Kim when it seems like he had a thing for her for a long time. I doubt Kanye would have let her get married if they were cheating then. If he goes off on an award, I'm pretty sure he would be running down the aisle objecting.


Kris is a jack ass and all he cares about is da money, i hope kim doesnt give him a dime stupid boy.


How did they use him for money? He got paid greatly for being on the show. No one made him b there. And with his claims that this was fraud, why did he sticm around and b part of it? If he is claiming he was played, then he ajoild of been smarter enough to see it. And getting married doesn't make a person a man. He treated Kim like crap and was a total ass to ppl. Shithead needs s lesson in how to treat a woman.


He his after an annulment what is wrong with that given the marriage fiasco. He was very naive right from the begining. She is from Hollywood, he is from the mid west, different bringing up, different values. He is not after the money however and rightly so he should know how much money was collected from this farce of a wedding. I think she collected alot more than what she said and that is why she is fighting, she does not want the public to know how much money she made from the sponsors. Also should there be a annulment due to fraud she will have to return that money to the sponsors. So no wonder she is not happy and leaks negative stuff about him. Cant wait for the trial. MB


they used him and tried every way in the world to ruin him personally and professionaly. writing a song about him and trying to get him upset while doing his job with the nets. they did everything they could and he still had the best year ever in the nba. he is only trying to get annulment so he can rebutt the things the kards and their friends have said about him. kim, refuses to get annulment, because she wants to keep him silent (as per prenup). it seems the kards and their pr people have accomplished that goal by the comments on this site. hope you never go up against people with money and power, who have you muzzeled so you cant defend yourself.

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