Kris Humphries to Drag Reggie Bush Into Divorce Court?

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Kim Kardashian may be krushing on Kanye West, but she's far from finished with the past loves of her irritating life.

Insiders tell Radar Online that Kris Humphries and his legal team are "gathering information" from this reality star's ex-lovers - in particular Reggie Bush - and considering whether or not to subpoena them as part of Kris and Kim's ongoing divorce battle.

What information could Bush possibly provide in a deposition? Some kind of proof, Humphries hopes, that Kardashian is insincere in relationships and always seeking fame and fortune above romance.

Bush and His Tush
Kim and Kris on Kamera

Kardashian's lawyer, meanwhile, is taking a similar approach.

He is requiring Myla Sinanaj to appear in court at a later date in order to reveal details of her time dating the NBA power forward.

How has Kris fired back? By claiming Kris Jenner orchestrated the Kim Kardashian sex tape and that this is an example of how the family plots and schemes in every circumstance, manipulating situations and feelings to fit their marketing agenda.

We wouldn't make any long-term plans out of the country, Ray J. You're clearly next.


I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
Check it out here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Kris Humphries to Drag Reggie Bush Into Divorce Court?
The vid is HQ which makes me happy


It sucks I missed this aarticle when it.came out. First of all, alll u shithead followers who bash Kim. For her sex life r either jealous or just looking for.a reason to bash her. What is he trying to prove by subpeonaing Reggie? Is he going thr subpeona Shangi also? This guy is such a waste. He is just on a power trip. He needs to let this go and sign the papers and get a life. But hen again, he doesn't want one cuz look how he treated Myla. Whe wouuldnt let him bully her whhen 'hey were together so he's trying it now.


Kris, how stupid can you be. Getting married to a person that you hardly new and thinking it was going to last. Now he's crying and trying to get money because his teammates are probably laughing at him.

Avatar freaky ass bitch .....the bitch came up off those x-rated movies her and ray j....i hope he get all that bitch cash...and not hater....jus fuck it she luv her black mens.her husband is mix with sumthing opppppppps he not black.


Chris shld go and slp he ought to have knwn that kim was toomuch for him,he shld learn to leave the past behind cs dat is the only way he can move forward. Becs she is serzly havin fun wit her new catch i tink chris shld do desame


Hey kirs is stupid man no he not a man he is just a boy


Kris humphries still need more years to grow up,hw could he jst thought tht dragging all her ex's to court will make him win! Dnt he realise he's having the case wt a woman? I think he's sleeping he need to wake up,whoeva thts told him to do this,all of them are insane,let things go and be free boy.


Take a look in the mirror jawny- you of all ppl should not wonder at all why that incident occurred. Read your post again...


Dumb,dumber and dumbest, and welcome to and with the rest of the trash clan. LMAO!!!!


Lmao, Really ? This is crazy ... I hope he don't plan on bringing all her ex's to court, he will be spending a lot of money, cause that nasty bitch has a lot of exes. If I was him I would leave her nasty ass alone and let Kayne deal with her . She isn't worth all the trouble he going through to prove something we all know is true in the first place. She is a reality and sex tape WHORE. Leave it at that, he should of known better than to take her seriously in the first place !!!!!

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