Charlie Sheen Kicked Out of Kings Game, Goes OFF on Security Guard and Fans

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Charlie Sheen went freaking ballistic outside the Staples Center on Wednesday night after being kicked out of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, or more accurately not allowed to come back inside the arena after leaving to go have a smoke.

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    Ok the 'haters' this guard told him to 'fuck off' ok ! She was not professional either !!! Woman and not, i am a woman and i expect to be treated as an equal not to get a pass because i am a woman..and yeah i support Sheen and i am smart, deal with it asinine posters..


    Charlie you beauty, you gotta have style to bang a porn star but you can only be Charlie that can bang the entire cast all at once. Go Charlie Go.


    Martin Sheen has been one of my favorite actors for years and long before anyone ever heard of Charlie Sheen. Charlie may be a good actor but is a disgrace and must be an embarrassment to his Dad. I feel bad for Martin who personifies a decent man. Charlie runs at the mouth of horse manure. If he had any sense he would just shut up and keep a low profile. Instead it seems he runs afoul everywhere he goes and with everyone he encounters. He lacks basic human decency skills.


    Charlie is a old busted up drunk and drug addict. That lady was doing her d@mn job, so people want to say that she was a hater, crazy. I'm mad that people is really taken up for him.


    Stupid security Guard acting all tuff! like to see her at the boarder and see how many family members she would send back!!! Is she an american! Love you charlie sheen. f that bit!!


    "As pals tried in vain to keep him away from cameras, he said, 'Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her.'"

    By shouting obscenities at her? I think not Charlie. I think you were just showing your ugly stupid ass again.

    How many times must this moron show his ass before all people just walk away from him forever? Intelligent folks already have.


    If you defend Charlie Sheen I have to question your intelligence. He broke the rule. The woman did her job by enforcing the rules. Any guy that speaks to a woman like that is a dirtbag. Whether he thought he was in the right or not. It doesn't matter. This is very simple. Put your attitude away and use some common sense.


    What can we say about Charlie??? Oh, I have an observation! Charlie Sheen is beginning to resemble Hughe Heffner so much in his old age that I question his paternity. WAIT!No! Heff has more class.


    Sometimes rules are to be interpeted that gaurd was on a power tripp. People wh smoke have to leave the building did we not forget it is a chemical addiction he needed to smoke what was he supposed to do. Guaurd was an ass.


    @Lisa - Right about what? Her doing her job? The fans I can't speak for, but the rules should apply to everyone, not just us regular folks.

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