Bath Salts: Were They Behind "Miami Zombie" Attack?

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Police and doctors are reportedly blaming "bath salts" for the bizarre, grisly behavior of Rudy Eugene, who began devouring Ronald Poppo's face last weekend.

We're not talking garden-variety aromatherapy products here, though.

The term "bath salts" can also be used to describe illegal, designer street drugs that have been linked to violent delusions and even death, investigators say.

Either the zombie apocalypse is nigh, or Eugene was on something strong enough to prompt a psychotic, gruesome meltdown that seems incomprehensible.

Rudy Eugene Mug Shot
Ronald Poppo Mug Shot

Police were forced to shoot Rudy Eugene when he refused to stop eating Poppo's face; He growled at them, naked, and resumed feasting before being killed.

It took multiple gunshots to take him down. Ronald Poppo is a homeless man with no known connection to Eugene and is in critical condition at a hospital.

Bath salts were also blamed in another Florida incident in which a man overdosed on the drug and died. Similar cases may prompt stronger DEA action.

The DEA banned chemicals commonly used in bath salts: mephedrone, MDPV, and methylone. Sale of these items now results in federal drug charges.

At least 38 states have enacted bath-salt bans, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, instituting penalties for possession and trafficking.

Of course, because bath salts are made by "street chemists," there's really no way to know what chemicals are actually contained in any given quantity.

There's also no medical test to detect bath salts in a patient. "The only way we know if someone has taken them is if they tell you," one expert said.


so bman your saying my addiction to pizza will soon make me want to eat a mans face off


Well I think that it's crazy that happend and I think that nobody should sell that dug


I en wants to "reduce the population"courage you guys to listen to Alex Jones. He talks to CIA and FBI agents who willingly give out government information. The autopsy on this guy showed high levels of a chemical (I forget the name) found in every day foods.


Its bath salts, its because head shops are cutting this SUPER AWESOME CHEMICAL and cutting it down to 10% now when u get only 10% theres a chance ur gunna loose ur fucking mind because your taking way to much bullshit with it, dont go to head shops find ur neihboorhood tookiebird


Hey guys has any one heard of where the guy that got mutilated went? if it had been the "zombie" viruse that made eugene eat popo then where did that popo go after .. he would of been that could be a coover up..


How a Zombies works is a virus inside your head. mainly your brain is dead but the zombie-Virus keeps your brain working and doing what a Virus dose. ( Spreading ) there is a Virus that rats get, and the virus takes over thair Body and let other animals eat them to spread around. ( almost a Zombie-virus if u ask me ) aint saying that its a zombie-attack but might be the start of a new virus.


Yea I suppose it could be government related obvs they no far more about what's going on than we do. And the report on this guy who ate the face off another they have found no trace of Bathsalts in his biopsy but some strange pills in his stomach and no human flesh either tho it was lodged in his teeth really does make my skin crawl can't imagine the agony that poor guy went thru lyeing there getting mutilated.


For starts, I don't think that bath salts are tied to these attacks at all. I think, just an opinion, that this is the start of a government conspiracy. They only say its a drug related incident to avoid a national scare and/or panic. How many times has the government."covered-up" a logical reason such as area 51, Roswell, New Mexico? If I've done my research, it was that incident when our technology boomed and viola, we came out with cellular phones and color tv... Lol. Don't be so naive. Its the end of days and its only going to get worse as the year progresses.


a zombie does not need to be reanimated old and slow like the movies has shown us does it A guy that growls and carrys on eating that poor guys face even when he was shot IS a zombie in my book yeah the homeless guy didnt turn into 1 hiself but just cus that happens in movies doesnt mean it would be like that in real life. And now 100s of birds are falling from the skies and fish washing up on shore dead it says in the bible thats how the apocalypse starts. Either way its very frightening and im now waiting 4 it to begin here in the UK


i dont get it. if theres zombies with all the sales and stuff, wouldnt everyone be a zombie. and who would create somthing this stupid?