Life's a Tripp: Bristol Palin, Son to Star in New Reality Show

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Lifetime has released the first promo pic for Bristol Palin's upcoming reality series, called "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp." Yes, this is a real story and a real show.

The title is a play on words, natch, because her three-year-old son is named ... Tripp. Is he Tripp Palin or Tripp Johnston? That we don't know honestly.

What's undoubtedly clear? The kid's a dead ringer for his deadbeat dad:

Bristol Palin, Tripp Palin

The show chronicles Bristol and Tripp's journey from Wasilla, Alaska to Los Angeles, Calif., where Bristol accepts a job with a local non-profit organization.

Bristol Palin tells TV Guide of her decision to star on her own reality show:

"I was game for it. I wanted to show how down-to-earth my family and I are. My parents were skeptical at first. But they know I'm responsible."

"I won't be getting drunk on TV. This isn't Jersey Shore. It's a family show."

Okay, there's no way Sarah Palin objected to any publicity for her family. Unless she's just jealous that she's not starring, in which case we'll buy it.

The 14-episode Life's a Tripp premieres June 19 on Lifetime. Spoiler alert: She will not be letting trip watch Glee, as she thinks it makes kids gay.

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How can he be a deadbeat dad when she takes the child all over the country with her. She complains that the father doesn't visit. He can't keep up with that.


White Guy are you stupid or crazy those people are not white they are mixed race period. The last time I checked Native Americans are not white people. So Tod the father of Bristol is not white but a mutt. Please do not call those people white but mixed race. Majority of white Europeans would not consider them white period but mixed. Well if my son has a child with a white women and the child looks like this would you call the child white that is 1/4 white? I am black and my boyfriend is white of German,Austerian,French,Irish,Scottish,Welsh and English he is white but those two are not.


imani and WhiteMommyWannabe are you two crazy or what? Her and her son are not white period. The last time I checked Tod and his children and grandson have recent "Native American" blood. That family only certain members look white and others do not. I have watched the Palin how on TLC guess what many of Tods family members look native. Anyways That family isn't white except the mother Sarah.The last time a check all your family members have to come from Europe to make you white. Do not include the middle east or north Africa everyone knows those two groups are mixed with black.


Poor Bristol. The show is not on yet and the liberals are out "hating her. What's up with that? Get a life and stop hating!


Lifetime has a facebook page. Let them know what you think.


Her little brother is a white baby also.And oh my... he is so freakin gorgeous!! I am "down" for a white Down Syndrome kid. It's a shame his dad doesn't think much of him since he is making another bastard by a white chick. I guess when you have to feed, clothe, and provide shelter the kid's "cuteness" wears off real quick.


How about we stop reacting to her? All she wants is attention, positive or negative. She has the audacity to say she's shocked for being bullied (well, duh) after opening up her uneducated mouth. She's made herself into a martyr, and if people would stop responding to her ridiculous comments, she'd have zero star power and she'd go away. It's the same thing with her mom. They love to be called stupd, actually. These women thrive on any kind of attention, so we're just fueling them by continuing to discuss any nonsense that comes out of a Palin's trap. We should just let Bristol be Bristol and hope that those who make decisions will DO THE RIGHT THING and not allow her to have any kind of "pop culture" presence in our society. I agree with the poster who said she does not deserve a reality tv show on a network that is supposedly all for women. I guess we will find out what Lifetime is made of.


Did u say glee? And call someone dumbass in the same sentence? Ha! freakin loser. Lesbo


when her show is on i will stick a season of glee in for a hr so i dont hav to watch her dumb ass!!!


Seriously? After she just made that public statement showing how ignorant and intolerant she is? She needs to not be receiving any kind of publicity because the world does not need any more palin stupidity in it.

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