Britney Spears: Sort of Dissed By The Wanted!

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Just a few days after calling Christina Aguilera a bitch (a total bitch, to be more specific), The Wanted is dishing on Britney Spears in less-than-glowing fashion.

The British boy band said in a radio interview yesterday that they were told "not to even look" at the pop princess when they opened for her in concert.

Spears' camp denies, and is far from pleased with the claim.

Britney Spears, The Wanted

"What's even more interesting than these false allegations is the fact that they have claimed to be picked on by two female pop stars in just a few days," her rep says.

"Look out Lady Gaga, there are still three days left this week."

The Wanted said the Spears incident happened while Siva Kaneswaran and their tour manager were looking at a laptop in a hallway. Security ordered them to turn away, supposedly, because Brit was about to come through, they said.

"We faced the wall for about 10 seconds until she got really far away," Kaneswaran said.

When the DJ said they were probably just "messing" with the group, Kaneswaran insisted, "It was serious." His band mate Jay McGuiness did acknowledge that "When we actually met her person to person she was so down-to-earth."

It sounds like Britney had zero inkling of any bad blood here. Spears even tweeted a photo of them together (above), saying "Love them!"

More like loved them.

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i really like britney seen's i'm 12 year of age before.britney is my favoret singer until now hope i can see her in person..i love tunnett from philippines mindanao


Buy. Not by. I hate it when I have typos or spelling errors.


These pretty boy newbies won't last as long as Britney Spears OR Christina Aguilera. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even last half as long. They're very forgettable and they're obviously trying to increase their relevance by dissing other celebrities and stirring up drama. I don't respect them and I'll never by any of their albums or download any of their songs.


they are always bashing on other celebs did the same thing to One direction and the fans. that's the only way they can get puplicity cause no one really cares about them.....


the band needs to learn how to treat women properly.


christina is no B. Shes been through a lot & doesnt have time to listen to boys call her fat. Although im not a fan and disliked her dirty video very much. They need to shut up. Next thing u know they will be dissing people in their lyrics because thats what a-holes do.


Who are they? None knows, until now because they are using these women to get publicity. Listen,do you hear that? Yep, it's your 15 minutes of US fame coming to an end. Cherio!!


British fags leave Britney alone.


Yeah thats how you start out your career. Piss of the queens!