Christina Aguilera Called "Total Bitch" By The Wanted

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British boy band The Wanted performed on The Voice, and didn't hesitate to describe one of the less fun aspects of that experience in an interview.

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    All the people defending Christina must be a delusional fans. I have watched interviews of other celebrities that have had encounters with her and they said she was a total bitch. She's a self centered narcissist bitch who thinks the world revolves around her. She might have a good singing voice. But that doesn't define who she is as a person. And just because she's famous doesn't give her the right to be mean and rude to others.


    cristina is so ugly.I would not want to fuck her!


    well what do you expect shes a diva duh.. plus how is she going to walk up to them? IDK

    @ vianney

    i am sorry but that was funny what you said!


    ahaha lool is it sooo?? snobs


    @Arcachnar: Google Miley Cyrus Radiohead. You'll find several links bout her threatening to ruin their career just because they didn't talk to her.


    Awwww. Christina didn't want to talk to you? Poor babies.

    @Blaize Did that actually happend with Miley and Radiohead? Sounds fake. Nevertheless, I'm curious. Could you post a link about this?


    Christina Aguilera is not that hot anymore, after watching the voice i think she might be a "total bitch" bcuz she is so diva and cocky on the show, and her voice is kinda annoyed too. she is no longer Genie in a bottle, now she is Giant in a bottle. giving attitude doesn't make you a super star.


    @majk: Sorry, but some of us are more mature than that. If I'm in somebody's presence and they don't talk to me, I don't go whining to somebody else and call them a bitch, and I don't assume that not speaking makes the person a bitch either. I think they're either having a bad day, they're busy, or that they're just not comfortable interacting with strangers. Sounds to me like THEY'RE the ones being whiny little bitches.

    I hate to throw her under the bus-because I'm a fan- but they're acting like Miley Cyrus did when she was 15. In 2008, she was at a show with the band Radiohead. They didn't talk to her, so she got mad and said she "would ruin" their careers. Radiohead responded by saying that Miley Cyrus was "entitled." They were right about that. Miley had some growing up to do, and apparently so does The Wanted.


    i don't even like this group... i mean, yeah, they have every right to have an opinion, but really, just because one person does not talk to you or kiss your ass does not mean you should be offended.. these celebrities should be careful about their opinions because people often take a celebrity's OPINION as FACT... and while xtina may be a bitch, she has a right to be.. a lot of people are bitches, but as a celebrity, it is just magnified when it comes to her

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