Ariana Grande: Dating Josh Hutcherson!

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Josh Hutcherson is no longer hungering for a girlfriend. Why? Because he's reportedly playing the game of love with Ariana Grande!

Josh Hutcherson at CineCon

An insider tells Life & Style that the actor is romantically involved with Victorious star Ariana Grande. She plays Cat Valentine on that Nickelodeon sitcom.

"They've been seeing each other since the beginning of the year," a source tells the tabloid, adding that Grande even attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games with her man, but didn't walk down the red carpet because "they've been trying to keep it low-profile."

Hutcherson previously dated Vanessa Hudgens.

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they both deserve each other because theyre both ugly anyways

@ alaska

well at least they'd be happy. not saying that their both not hot. She's very pretty and he's obviously hot. i would understand why they would want to keep it secret for a while. who wouldn't? in this case just leave them alone, she's taken, he's taken. just move on.


She is to beauty 4 him.


He said recently on the Ryan Seacrest show that he is single.


HE'S UGLY!Please do NOT Make this last u.u ariana You can do WAY better!!


You dated him? He is very sect and very cute and nice


I think that you guys should not only care about his looks i mean dont get me wrong he is damn right sexy but you should also care about his personality. coming from someone who dated him he is a really nice guy. He is thoughtful, caring, and he is honest.


Ariana Grande if you are seeing this message i am your first fan.
When i am a adult i will have your foot tatoo,I am 10 years old , I am called Fabiola Nicole Moure Pérez, I live in Guayama,Puerto Rico.


Its so irritating how everyone is like she's not good enough for him. No. Josh dosen't deserve Ariana. Not a hater. Ariana is beautiful, talented and down to earth. The dont even suit, and anyway Ariana's current boyfriend is Jordan Viscomi. So all the Hutcherson fans stop hating on Ariana.


Hes hot I think ur all dumb Cu's we will probly ne er meet him I agree with lureren so shut up


Everyone is intitled to their own opinion. So whether others think he's hot or ugly it's their opinion and theirs no such thing as a wrong opinion. So all you 10 year olds complaining look up the definition of opinion and get over it. Anyway my opinion is, They're both adorable but not the cutest couple in my mind. However if they're happy then that's fine. ~XOXO, Lauren�

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