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The instantly infamous video of Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy” dance has reportedly been banned on YouTube, even though she’s not even naked.

Sports Illustrated’s 2012 swimsuit issue cover girl was asked to show off her dance moves on camera by Terry Richardson, and it was risque.

Risque enough to be pulled off YouTube, according to Fox News.

Kate Upton

Upton was demonstrating how to do the “Cat Daddy,” a dance created for the down and dirty hip-hop track of the same name by The Rej3ctz.

The moves saw her gyrating suggestively in a microscopic bikini and ending her teasing demonstration with “That’s it, that’s all you guys need?”

We wouldn’t object to a sequel, but pretty much. On a related note, these Kate Upton bikini photos by Richardson are cool. Check them out!

UPDATE: It looks like you can still find the clip on YouTube on Terry’s official channel, as long as you sign in and turn off the adult filter.

Not that we checked.