Moron Amber Portwood Ordered to Quit Freeloading Off Government Housing

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been ordered by a judge to pay money to compensate the real estate company that was suing to evict her. Why?

For lying about her income and qualifying, illegally, for government subsidized housing as a result of that lie. Some people will do anything for a buck.

While Portwood was in jail this winter, a rental company sued her for eviction after they saw she lied about her "low-income" status on her application.

Amber's income in 2010? A modest $280,000.

Gary Shirley, Amber Portwood

Amber and baby daddy Gary Shirley in happier times.

This disqualifies her from subsidized government housing, clearly, and an Indiana judge ruled in the rental company's favor in the case earlier this month.

Amber Portwood not bothering to respond to the suit probably didn't help her cause. She must pay the company back or face further legal consequences.

Otherwise it's back to the slammer, most likely, given that she's been on thin ice with probation as it is. At least jail is free, however. Food for thought.

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The truth - MTV along with consulting 'Dr Confront NOTHING' excuse the show as preventing teen pregnancy. TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! The only thing these people have learned is THE EFFECTIVE USE OF LYING. Except for Macy, they have mastered the upbeat voice-over --"Well gee I forgot to sign up for classes ( Again) but I promised my fetus to Insèrt here the thousandth bemoaning of whether they should have raised the. child


omg how pathetic can u be AMBER. This girl is a liar from long ago and will continue to do so. I pray she NEVER gets that little girl back EVER. After she does the 5 yrs for not following thru with her drugs she needs to get another 5 for all the lying she is doing. As far as Farrah i CANT stand the way she talks to her parents who love her and try to help her. She is a self centered selfish u know what! I feel like MTV needs to pick a better class of girls if their gonna do this show. Everyone has a skeleton and everyone had some type of problem growing up but it seems they pick the most selfish girls with the most problems!! Do your research MTV or stop doing teen moms or maybe change the name to (Teen Liars who become pregnant and then Train wrecks!!)


Amber is the one who made it like this she didnt exactly hv tht hard of a life.All i can say is its her own fault no one elses.And she is an idiot for saying she couldnt go to her drug test for gallbladders like oviously they r gunna check,saying she had the flu or a stomach ache wouldve been more reliable.And shes soo dumb for fucking over housing they oviously wouldve found out but then againthey r idiots for nt realizing shes on mtv and gets money from them hint y cameras follow her


What a joke. There are families out there (my mother in Texas) who bust their butts and can never get ahead, or stay afloat. Then you have people like her who get knocked up at 15/16 and make 6 figures. What a mixed up world we live in. Heartfelt prayers and warm thoughts going out to all people who are struggling to make ends meet and are working hard. It's not easy and I've been there before.


first off farrah is not a first class loser, she prob dumped your ass because you are the loser not her. ambers had a hard life from what we all have seen on tv and shit happens, at least leah is with gary who is a stable parent. and as for jenelle i think shes doing alot better regardless of the fact she has gotten back with keiffer. people shouldnt say such horrible things like this.


Sabrina, no it's not low income that is why it says she lied about her income. She doesn't have to work because she got knocked up at 16 and makes plenty off the show. This article are the ones that make girls want to get pregnant at 16 to get on the show, because it shows how much she is making just by getting pregnant too young, partying all the time, doing drugs, and having the drama of court and not having custody. PATHETIC! That, LiddyARA, is why people judge her.

Ms billie

This kind of crap ticks me off to no end. You work all your life struggle to pay your bills and feed the kids and can't get any help. All the while trash like this gets this kind of money and no questions ask from the social workers that hand out food stamps, welfare and low income housing. Guess that's what we get for being honest, having morals and trying to make an honest living other than off the government.


That poor baby. I pray she will forever stay with her father.


You guys shouldn't be so judgmental, you have no clue what any of these girls are going through.


Amber u are a WHITE TRASH HO-she needs to back to JAIL

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