Heejun Han Gets Goofy, Slammed on American Idol

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Steven Tyler was NOT amused by Heejun Han on American Idol last night.

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    Heejun gave a witty performance. Judge Tyler was bent out of shape because he's an Aries who wished he could still do a plucky gig like that. Oh, did I mention that young Heejun is also an Aries? So cute and talented. Steven, get over it! Jealousy is not becoming.


    Heejun Heejun Heejun

    I loved your approach, Now let me check out your departure !

    Seriously, when you take a great song like "My Life" and clown around the stage, out of breath, taking the piss out of it, there's no excuse.


    @AnitaRaise2isaMORON wow, settle down tiger.


    I love Heejun, because he has a star quality.Remember that a good artist doesn't hv to be perfect theorically,but the most important point is : that artist has X factor to grab public attention.and HEEJUN has that!i understand why Steven blew his top,it's just because he knows that Heejun can do much much better than that.and steven is upset when heejun seems doesn't treat this competition as a great deal.or maybe heejun is still confused with all the changes.


    @anitaraise2 you are a fucking racist. Go back to your cave you moron.


    Heejun can sing,he needs more vocal cords practice he gets pitchy at times..but i dont like the way Jimmy hit him w/criticm is because hes asian?? Heejun is Heejun he likes to fun around thats his personality,hes the only one perking up the shows w/..look at the other contestants they are all BORING!!! Can"t stand Joshua,Hollie,Elise thay are all Boring and no star quality...Erika is good too shes like Adelle..crazy show,judges sucks as well!!! this American Idol thing its getting lousier and lousier!!!


    but I like Heejun Han because he is first Korean American went throught in top 10 of American idol


    I agree with many that Heejun would be a better standup comic than an "Idol." Funny yes......Singer not really! No great talent there!


    Heejuuunn~ I think that he sang better than last week because in the Billy Joel song, he could hit the cool notes!! However, he wasn't as good as the others... So I think he should step it up and show the judges that he is worth it to be in the competition!! Fighting heejun~


    I think hee jun is a good singer and he's still on the show because people like him! Steven Tyler and jimmy iovine are being way to harsh. Hee jun is losing hope to stay in the competition because everyone is knocking him down! They have to be a little nicer to make hee jun want to do is best and make him have a little hope.

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