Anna Gristina, Soccer Mom Turned Manhattan Madam, Faces Prison Term

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Now-infamous soccer-mom-turned-Manhattan-madam Anna Gristina has been charged with promoting prostitution and sent to NYC's notorious Rikers Island.

The 44-year-old was allegedly running the multi-million dollar sex ring out of an Upper West Side apartment and is currently being held on $2 million bail.

She may be making prison her home for awhile.


“My intention is to meet the DA with a view toward a disposition or resolving the matter ... if I think a plea is the appropriate thing,” her lawyer Gary Greenwald said.

A prison term would await after any guilty plea, if prosecutors have their way.

Prosecutor Charles Linehan, who's heading the investigation into Gristina's operation due to alleged evidence of potential police protection, said his office wants Gristina to go away for the maximum - at least 2 1/3 years prison, and as much as 7.

Insiders believe Gristina would cop silently.

"She pleads guilty, doesn't tell prosecutors a thing about how she ran her operation, goes up to [Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Westchester County] and gets out in a year or so on work release, with good behavior," said one strategist.

"It sounds like a plan, right? She'll be near her home and family, [in upstate Monroe County] she doesn't give up anybody, she doesn't make any enemies."

"That's how she's leaning right now."

Her silence would greatly hamper prosecutors, who are desperate for her cooperation against her alleged millionaire johns and high power alleged collaborators.