Demi Moore "Sick" Over Rihanna-Ashton Kutcher Sex Rumors; Singer Insists She's "Single"

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Rumors of Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna hooking up apparently didn't sit well with ex-wife Demi Moore, who was "sick to her stomach" and "devastated."

Grazia magazine quotes a source as saying, "Demi is constantly keeping tabs on Ashton. When these pics came up she was understandably crushed."

"Demi's convinced something happened between them and felt sick.'"

Demi Moore in NYC
Ashton Kutcher Red Carpet Pic
Red-Haired RiRi

The publication also cites a source saying that the alleged relationship between Rih and Ash - which was a one-night stand, if that - "sent Demi spiraling."

This comes just weeks after Moore checked out of rehab, though.

Another source tells Closer magazine, which not only exists, but features Octomom nude on its new cover: "Demi can't believe Ashton would do this."

"She's really hurt by the recent rumors and feels humiliated he's being linked to other celebrities just a few weeks after she got out of rehab."

"She feels it cheapens their marriage even further."

Moore and Kutcher ended their marriage in November 2011 amidst rumors of repeated infidelity on the part of the Two and a Half Men star.

Meanwhile, at a press conference in London for her new movie Battleship, Rihanna was asked by a ballsy reporter if Kutcher would be visiting her.

"Wow, how disappointing was that question," the 24-year-old singer said. "I'm happy and I'm single, if that's what you're really asking."

Which clears up nothing, as you can be single and have one-night stands all the time ... but she was disappointed by the question, so there's that.

It's also worth noting that Rihanna's security team and her car were seen at Ashton's place, late night. There were no photos of the two together.

We can understand Demi being a little thrown off by the one-night stand rumors, but you can't believe every piece of celebrity gossip you read.

Avatar's OVER! Move on! This is the kind of love sick that should have happened to you much younger and before kids. I'm recently divorced from a man who is 11yrs younger. We even have a child together. But once I got away from the bullshit, realized my worth, it was that easy to just let it go. Put your energy into getting yourself together. Demi looks fabulous, she needs to be surrounded by great friends and make new memories.


Am really not a fan of Rihanna because of her crazy lifestyle n newly divorced man hauntin.


Demi Moore is an idiot. She has to get over Ashton. Drugs is not gonna give Ashton a sudden apifany to decide to get back with the old rag! She is an asshole for going on drugs in the first place. We all expected her to act like a mature woman and congratulate Ashton because he is happy. I don't have to know him personally to tell he is happy. Demi is more stupid than Ashton! Just because u have a divorce or ur husband cheats on you, doesn't mean u have to go on drugs! Demi is not alone on that fact, it happens every day. She is feeling sorry for herself and someone needs to tell her she is acting worse than Ashton. But no one realizes coz they think she is the victim when she isn't. Worse things are happening Demi, be grateful that the man you were married to didn't bash your face in like Rihanna- who is a strong woman that Ashton needs.


If anything, I think this shows the power that Ri has on guys! She is beautiful, smart and YOUNG! No wonder Ashton an Demi divorced, it was because Ashton couldnt stand the wrinkly pile of bones he was married to. I'm glad they divorced because Ashton is so much better than Demi and Demi needs to stop being a pedophile and find someone her own age! Rihanna is perfect for Ashton! Soz Demi, buy your just not good enough!


c'mon people r u 4 real!!!!!! Rihanna is Beautiful so she can have wateva she can as long as those couple have broken up already.... RiRi u rock!


I feel really sorry for Demi, but c'mon, what did she expect? She may be hot for her age, but when you're with a man so much younger than you, 90% of the time if he cheats, it'll be with an equally hot woman closer to his age and therfore half what to do? Suck it up, cut your losses and move the hell on!! Have you no self respect left? Im sorry, but Rihanna IS hot, so are thousands of other girls closer to his age and he'll keep popp'n in and out until he decides to settle down. So Demi, please for the set a good example to your kids - Respect Yoursef. I know what this feels like, don get me wrong, it hurts like crazy, but the guy is GONE and you are old-ER and alone. Pls STOP.


@pete....."Kutcher is an imbecile and Rihanna is uglier than sh!t.Any white chick out there should be more than happy that this moron (Ashton)is not part of your dating pool"....what does this even mean?what does race have to do with this?youre an imbecile!....despite what you may feel emotionally(i understand it hurts weve all been there)you owe each other nothing...its over......"ashton not a real man" demi's twice his age...what does that make her?i dont care what day and age it is an age difference like that is studip...move on old lady....hay just being old


@ Pete, you are a loser. Posting a crappy comment is not going to get Demi to fall in love with you and many will argue that Rihanna is FAR from "ugly as shit" and feel she is quite beautiful. But, I wouldn't expect you to understand that. All of these people are adults and shall socialize as they please. By-the-way, Demi is Borderline.


jé tém boku rihana


im starting to dislike rihanna more and more, she already has a name for herself as a whore but she has allegedly slept with justin timberlake, resulting in upsetting jessica beil, sleeping with ashton kutcher and upsetting demi moore and now sleeping with zac efron and upsetting his ex girlfriend, can she not find a man who hasnt just broken up with someone? even if the rumours aren't true she certinaly hasnt helped herself by saying ashton would make a good 'baby daddy' its inaproppriate and degrading, she needs to sort herself out

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