Octomom: Nude For Closer Magazine!

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Octomom Nadya Suleman must be really hard up for money.

We draw that conclusion because the mother of 14 has apparently just gone and done what swore she would never do. That being pose totally nude for cash.

The house she owns, which has been in and out of foreclosure for more than a year, will be sold at an auction Thursday, so she needs a new place. Now.

Thus, the new courtesy of Closer Magazine, whatever that is:

Octomom Nude

You know landlords. Any smart one requires first month's rent, last month's rent and a security deposit on a 12-month lease - not a small sum of money.

Hence, Nadya Suleman promptly got buck ass naked. Simple as that.

TMZ reports that she got $10,000 for the shoot - or 1/100th of what Lindsay Lohan got from Playboy. Still, it was more than enough to rent a place.

Nads is openly admitting that unlike when she got pregnant the kiddos - they were all conceived through IVF - she got naked for them this time around.

"I'm doing that (posing nude) because I need to feed my kids, she says. "I need to pay the bills. And I'm still very cognizant of the repercussions."

Good to hear. Follow the jump for a better photo of Octomom nude ...

Nadya Suleman Nude

Octomom: Would you hit it?


what will she do next you ask?whatever they tell her to do.money will talk,she will listen.she"ll do it,then be an over night sensation in the porno world.


her over-tummy tucked belly and button-hole belly button freak me out. NASTY!


She's looks great!! YUMM YUMM!!


She looks Great for having all those children.


Do you think just because any other mom who needs to feed her childeren HAVE to go pose nude just because there isn't anything else she could do? No, there are many other ways. And just because shes infamous, I still get a somewhat similar point across....right?


What is rihanna and chris brown doing


I've just been scarred for life!!


Disgusting. What will she do next...


what will her children say when they see this?


If she still wants to look like Angelina she ought to try the starvation diet Angie lives by. Still, not bad for having that many kids and, unlike Angelina, lacking an army of care takers.


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Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, is an attention-loving, certifiably insane lady who gained international attention when she gave birth to... More »
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Nadya Denise Suleman