Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher: Rumored One-Night Stand Alert!

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On Tuesday around midnight, according to TMZ, Rihanna pulled up at Ashton Kutcher’s house. A blurry pic of Rih in her SUV (with her security detail) was posted online as the celebrity gossip site claimed she stayed at his bachelor pad until 4 a.m.

Surprisingly, though, TMZ's story has been taken down.

Ashton Close-Up

We can imagine that, whatever they were up to (and we're guessing it wasn't any sort of business collaboration) Ashton wouldn't be thrilled about the story.

But what's the harm, really? Did he threaten them to take the photos and/or the whole story down? And why would they comply if it was so obviously true?

TMZ of all sites is usually extremely accurate and willing to stand by its reporting. Shady, maybe, but not wrong, nor on the wrong side of the law. Weird.

In any case, that's what allegedly happened before the story got killed. And we can see it happening more easily than we can Johnny Depp and Ashley Olsen.

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I dont see why everyone would bad mouth RiRi , she was not the caused of Demi and Ashton spilting up.. Demi should just pull herself together, if she wants Ashton back then show him what his missing girl..


Who cares really. They are just two young people having fun And enjoying each others company. They are single and aren't hurting anyone, so just let them be and stop the hate


I would fuck Rihanna


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Why are all you lot so JEALOUS. ha. love Rihanna, Kutcher a ledge. Millionaires playground.




Rihanna can not sing, never could, she can dance but she cannot sing. She is not a role model for young girls she is a dummy for having anything to do with Chris brown the way he beat her. He is another one who can dance but can't sing.

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