Ashley Hebert: Sort of Defending Courtney Robertson, Rooting For Lindzi Cox

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Courtney Robertson's tear-filled, apologetic display on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special was a sight to behold ... though not necessarily in a good way.

What did last season's Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, think about it?

"I didn't even want to watch," Ashley told E! about the Women Tell All special. "It made me just want to turn it off. It was just like a typical sorority party."

"Everyone fights; I thought people were going to start throwing shoes at each other. It was crazy! I actually do believe Courtney's tears were genuine."

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"She apologized from some place in her heart. Was she sorry for hurting the girls? I don't know. For making herself look like a mean girl? I think that's what it is."

Ashley Hebert continued her sort-of-defense of Courtney Robertson:

"I think she did learn and she feels apologetic, but I also feel like the only reason she's apologizing is because of the backlash she's getting from the media."

"Not just the media, but friends, family, everyone. Everyone hates her."

Ashley also says Courtney's behavior on the show and everything that happened during the special could effect Ben Flajnik's feelings for her. Ya think?

"If he does pick her, he's going to think twice after everything."

Looking ahead toward the big finale, Hebert says she'd like to see her former beau Ben be happy. "I want the happy ending. I want Lindzi," she says.

"I want him to have a real relationship and I think he could only have it with Lindzi at this point. But, it never goes the way you want. I think Ben's going to pick Courtney."

"I could be surprised ... probably not though," she adds.

The Bachelor spoilers we've posted have plenty to say on that topic, but who do you think Flajnik SHOULD give the final rose to on Monday night?


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She is weird looking with those freakishly wide set eyes over prominent cheekbones. I always call this the smash face look, as if someone stomped a boot in the middle of their face.


She is weird looking with those freakishly wide set eyes over prominent cheekbones. I always call this the "smash face" look, as if someone stomped a boot in the middle of their face.


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I think the rose should be given to Courtney, because of the way Ben acted throughout the season, Lindzi is too good for him. Ben has been sniffing after Courtney, became he was so easily ensnared by the web she woved. Even though he was supposed to be one the show looking for "love" he seemed to opted for "lust" instead. I would not want a woman of Lindzi's caliber to end up with someone like Ben who could so easily be led around by his penis. For Lindzi, there are much better, and smarter, men out there then Ben who didn't have the commonsense, though warned, to see what kind of woman, or little girl, Courtney was.


I agree with u Crystal!!! I don't like neither one of them, Lindzi is weird looking & can't stand her voice & Courtney is painfully thin & weird looking as well she really needs to wax her eyebrows. His lost letting Kacie B. & Nicki.


Neither, I think he lost his who could've been his future wife when he made the biggest mistake of all when he sent Kacie B. home (she was the best) I feel sorry for him because he seems like a nice guy & I still can't believe he would go skinny dipping on national TV... I was so wrong about this guy. Thank goodness Kacie B. didn't end up with him and now she can actually meet a wiser & more good looking man. So my best wishes to Kacie B.!!!

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