Courtney Robertson: OWNED on The Bachelor Women Tell All Special

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It's normally a chance for the rejected bachelorettes to confront the man that sent them packing, but it was primarily Courtney Robertson in the hot seat and under fire on The Bachelor: Women Tell All episode Monday night.

The women wasted no time in criticizing Robertson, calling her a villain, a phony, a cruel seductress, a two-faced fame-seeker and pretty much an awful human being overall.

And that was all before she even took the stage! Then it got worse:

Not only was Court slammed - politely but forcefully - by third and fourth place finishers Nicki Sterling and Kacie Boguskie (probably the two nicest people ever), her former rival Emily O'Brien absolutely owned her ass Monday.

Crocodile tears or not, Courtney was definitely crying up there.

Surprisingly (or not, for a master manipulator), she chose to apologize, saying, "I'm sorry. I take it all back. Looking back, I'm really sorry I hurt all of your feelings."

"You may say it's not genuine but it is," she said. Mmm hmm.

The Bachelor himself, Ben Flajnik, was only featured at the very end, starting off his not-even-10-minute segment by saying "welcome to my nightmare."

Doesn't exactly bode well for his chances with Courtney, or Lindzi. Whomever Ben picks on the season finale next week (see our Bachelor spoilers page for more detail on that controversial topic), he's not looking too pleased with life now.

You tell us: Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor ...


Her idea was to get on the show to further her career. Unfortunately, no one wants to hire someone with her now infamous rep. So her managers hire a spin doctors who say you best get out there and act sorry, say sorry, and CRY....she clearly choked on the words and she tried and tried and finally forced what looked like a couple of tears....they deserve each other. She says she can't trust men cuz they like her first then stop. Men take the sex thrown at them and then run, cuz they know if they got it, so did every other guy. At least that's what my 2 sons tell me.


I also wish she did not apologized. What does she care what those ridiculous bitches think. she was entertaining and funny. Those other women were mean spirited. By having her apologize it takes away from her personality.


Why these women ganged up and attacked Courtney? They are all sore losers! Get over it! Attack the Man not the Woman. Ben could have turned down the skinny dipping but he didn't! because he wanted to do it it too. It takes two to tango! Ben is a laid back kind of Guy. calm cool and collected he might be a real nice guy but he is also passive aggressive. He wasn't that much into them that was why they were sent home. Simple as that.


Haha, Courtney stop defending your self under FAKE
NAMES, damage control... It's way beyond your power.  You are a horrible person and you showed your true collors in national tv! I just feel bad for Ben as he is known as  the dumbest guy in America as he fell for literarely sh***,  even as you keep trying to make everyone think he is still with you, c'mon you know better. Also, try to get a gig, and make some $, you'll need it , as no one will like to hire you after your 15 min of fame expire. FYI writing good things about you on all websites is not consider a job! Haha


I hope Courtney ends up with Ben. They suit each other. She is smart, sexy and much more interesting than any of the other women. Lindzi will bore Ben quickly. She's too inexperienced. Nice is not always the best choice in love


Guy, I totally agree. I was shocked & PISSED that no one confronted Ben about skinny dipping with Courtney. They all attacked Courtney, but no one is allowed to confront Ben? He wasn't innocent in all of this. He's the worst Bachelor EVER! He's fugly, boring, annoying, and did I mention he's f'ing ugly?! I'm so tired of the producers making him out to be this great guy. He's not! With the exception of Emily, Casey S. and Lindzi, all those b*tches are fake. They all bashed Courtney for things she said, but they ALL talked crap about other girls...especially Kacey B and Elyse. The things they said about Shawntel were despicable. They're all catty, immature, insecure bitches. I can't really blame Courtney... if I was in that house, I probably would have only been friends with Casey S. too(and Lindzi too). I am so glad this season is over next week. Let's hope the quality of guys they bring in for Emily Maynard is better than the garbage they brought in for Ashley(Ben and Bentley).


Courtney is cool, sophisticated, and, yes, strategic, as became clear in her approach to this silly Bachelor show. Her beauty, and her superiority in her ability to play this Bachelor game, which is all it is, reduced the other girls into a pack of squabbling, snarling, screaming teenagers. That is what jealousy looks like, and it is ugly. Courtney's dignity compared to their vicious pack behaviour on The Women Tell All, certainly told me more about their ugly behaviour than hers. Read more celebrity gossip at: http://www.thehollywoodgossip....


This show should already be CANCELLED!!!!


Courtney needs to be dropped, Ben was told how many times by all the women that she is selfish and narcissistic, and he would not listen, he gave up the girl that should be in that place and that is Kacie B. The seen where they decide to go to the special room or back to their own rooms should be not have happened, because all it is the sex play room and then they can decide from there. Each of these girks have they owned pride and not how well they can perform it is sick. So she must be great, ask all her old lovers how she did and maybe they will come up with the something, when you are narcissitic you must be good to keep a fool like Ben who can't think straight.


I think it's obvious the show's producers let Ben off the hot seat pretty easy this week. There should have been just as many pointed questions at him by the women as there were for Courtney. For example, "Ben, why did you tell Nikki you were falling in love with her but then you didn't give her the rose?" or "Ben, why did you tell us all you have traditional values, but then you go skinny dipping with Courtney while leading us all on?" I think the show's producers didn't want to let their bachelor (who is an absolute moron-nice hairdoo) take the heat for the sake of the show's credibility which is hilarious because the whole thing is a joke. I mean, c'mon Ben! You're in love with several different women at once? I will not be watching this show in the future.

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