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After emotional hometown dates, The Bachelor jetted off to Switzerland for the penultimate episode of the season (the Women Tell All special is next week).

Nicki Sterling, Lindzi Cox and Courtney Robertson vied for the final two roses doled out by Ben Flajnik ... as did another familiar face in a non-shocking return.

Could Kacie Boguskie cajole her way back into the mix?

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Clearly contrived time-filling plot twists aside, Courtney preemptively shifted into damage control mode and Lindzi made her case as the season's dark horse.

Yes, we went with a horse joke there. Again. Too easy.

Who made the final two heading into the March 12 finale? Were The Bachelor spoilers right, or did Ben pull a surprise? Here's THG's +/- Bachelor recap:

Nicki Sterling, the dark horse of the competition, seems like a very cool girl, but it also seems like she's trying a bit too hard to force the issue. Minus 5.

Not in like an aggressive Courtney way, so Plus 8, but sort of in the sense that she's trying to force feelings and a stronger connection in a limited time.

Does Chris Harrison not sign the fantasy suite card anymore? Minus 10.

Obviously she takes it. Not that it'll save her, but hey, fun! Plus 7.

Minus 40 for the atrocious lines the producers feed these people. Taking things to new heights, on a mountain? Relationships being about facing challenges together, in the midst of once-in-a-lifetime adventure dates? Head slap city.

We are crushing on Lindzi Cox so hard lately, and not just because she is emerging as the most viable anti-Courtney hopeful. This girl rules. Plus 30.

Unlike Nicki, the connection is clear. Unlike Court, she's not a manipulative vixen. Also, she's funny, pretty, self-assured and easy-going, opening up about feelings without resorting to cliches or forcing the issue. Lindzi FTW! Plus 35.

Fantasy suite? We're two-for-two. Plus 10.

Bachelor Ben

Courtney has a heart-to-heart with Ben, perhaps realizing that the anti-Courtney sentiment may finally be taking hold. Give the devil her due. Plus 10.

She admitted saying “some things that were hurtful at times” to others. That's putting it mildly, but Plus 4 for attempting to show a little humanity.

“Knowing I’ve made it harder for him, it just breaks my heart.” Doubt it. Minus 10.

“There’s this dark cloud over me, a fear of losing him. I don’t know if we can recover from all of this stuff.” Huh? He obviously doesn't even care? This sudden emotional state was clearly cobbled together by the story editors. Minus 10.

Still, she didn't smirk or say much arrogant BS this week, so Plus 12.

Kacie B. Shows up. "Ho-ly $h!t," Ben Flajnik says. Good acting. Plus 9.

BUT, Kacie wasn't there to plead for another chance ... at least not overtly. She came because she wanted answers. Closure. This is pure filler. Minus 20.

Ben: "I completely understand where you're coming from, where you didn't know where things went wrong. You didn't do anything wrong... Did I see you in the end? No. that's not how I saw my life going." Rough, but honest. Plus 13.

AND hear comes the anti-Courtney Robertson speech! Plus 18.

"I don't want to see you get your heart broken again," she said. "I feel like... if you choose Courtney, you would get your heart broken. I've watched her for awhile, sat back and observed. It seems like she's in this to win it." Well, yeah? Minus 9.

Kacie quotes Courtney saying, "If it's not Ben, there are other fish in the sea." Really? That's all you got? Either throw her under the bus or don't! Minus 11.

"I don't even know what to say." - Ben. New Bachelor tagline? Plus 5.

Kacie Boguskie and Ben Flajnik

Did the latest affect Ben's decision-making? No, because he is dead set on thinking with his pants tuning out the noise ... but he's got to be getting tired of hearing that same Courtney speech, and this time at least it made him think. Plus 8.

To the surprise of no one, even if you don't read the spoilers, Nicki got the chop, leaving Lindzi and Courtney to vie for the final rose March 12. Minus 29.

“It has nothing to do with you,” he told her straight from the book of bad cliched breakup lines. What's next, "It's not you, it's me?" Basically. Minus 15.

"From day one I said I wanted the best for you," Nikki whispered to Ben. "I just hope you're making the right decision." Don't hold your breath, but Plus 7.

"I cried a little bit today, I'm not going to lie," he said. "But I started to have doubts." THEN I thought about Courtney naked again, so, peace. Minus 12.


Elimination: Nicki Sterling.

Who should Ben choose, Lindzi or Courtney?


I will probably always watch the bachelor especially since they removed my favorite soaps from abc. I don't believe Ben is in this either for true love and a life time committment. Something just doesn't ring true about this process. Let's face it you don't have to go on tv to find true love. Anyway I am willing to bet who ever he chooses won't last more than 6 months......................


Did anyone notice how Nikki and Linzi had to do the high heights thing but Courtney got to walk around town. I believe she is just not into sports or anything fun, just her body. Look at the hometown dates...all she could think of was to plan a pretend activity...she's one guy said last week "you better run dude." Yes, his life and any kids would certainly be fun with Linzi and visits to FL...she has the athleticness about her...great for kids.
Yes, Courtney twirling hair thing and the faces from Courtney has alot of people pretty sick of her. What about the prancing she does at the rose ceremonies.
Most people I talk with--no way are we watching Emily. I was happy she won but lost her credibility after that..she needs to be in control. It isn't fair to have her on again...she was already a winner but decided that was not what she wanted. Can't bellieve more money ABC spent on her. Ratings.


I think that Ben is a fool. Courtney is a real piece of work. She is just trying to further her carrer. She is totally phony. Ben better get his head out of his a_ _ . I just can't beleive after what he went through on the bachlorette that he has just ignored what the girls are saying. they obviously say it for a reason and it has not been only one girl saying it it has been more than one. WAKE UP BEN. If they allow that phony to become the next bacholrette i will as well as others i am sure will not watch the show anymore. Is there even one couple that has made it??????????


Wow, that was the worst episode to date. Ben is SUCH a damn bore and why the F was he wearing a BOW TIE on his date with Lindzi?! I honestly don't know how any woman could be attracted to such a complete douchebag. No surprise that Nicki went home...compared to the other remaining girls, she's just not cute at all. No chemistry there. Lindzi is way too good for Ben and I hope she's the next Bachelorette after Emily. Courtney and Ben are perfect for each other(and that is not a compliment for either of them!).


Ben is obviously impressed with Courtney being a model, surely he has not dated too many pretty women in the past.
He was crazy to let NICKI slip away, she REALLY seemed to care about him and was not fake and wrapped up in herself.
She was pretty, intelligent and she had a great body.
Kacie B. was adorable and very caring but her dad's objections annoyed Ben,the girl is 24 years old!
Courtney is so fake, constantly touching her hair, pursing her lips and unable to look into his eyes.She is there to further her career.
Ben's family would see right through her!
Lindzi is BORING.
Is "The Bachelor" crazy with the stunts they expect these girls to do? Such nonsense, climbing bridges, jumping off cliffs, so stupid!


Court. Ney. If you're going to fake-cry, at least learn to produce some tears. And for the love of God stop fooling with your hair! Every 3 seconds you fiddle with it. It looks dumb. Quit it! Poor little Kacie B. was brought back for that cringe-inducing conversation and walk of humiliation just to create suspense about Courtney. I wish she had had the moxie to just say no to the whole thing.
I can't believe these people act the way they do. I have never watched any the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows before but now I have discoved that for the entire time I laugh till my stomach hurts. This is one of the funniest shows on TV. Can't wait till next season.


does Ben use condoms when he "does" each girl? They call them Fantasy Suites, because they are Fantasy Love. None of them are really in love.


this show has become ABSURD.... to much drama.
can't Ben see that Courtney is a flaming phony, and dosen't
even have a clue what Marriage is all about?
hopefully, Ben will get it in his head before the final date of 3/12.


He says he loves one girl and sleep with her, next thing he loves the other girl and sleep with her. When you really love someone you do not sleep with another. Call me old fashion!!! This show is becoming so boring and predictable. That Courtney girl is there for her 15 min, next thing she will be the next bachelorette. She probably did not get enough gigs as a model and went for this venue. She is after fame no doubt in my mind and naturally meeting someone with money - it is so obvious. SHe is not interested in Ben at all.
She has no shame in using what she got. SHe is pretty but not that pretty. How educated is she and what is in her heart, not much if you ask me. Boring, boring and manipulative definitely not to the manor born. MB


Does any one else count how many times Court touches her hair and her face when she talks..left side, right side, left side, right side, and she does not give direct eye contact either. Not a fan!

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