The Bachelor Hometown Dates Recap: Who Got the (Surprising) Chop?!

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There are few guarantees in life, but on The Bachelor, there are several:

  • The word "hometown" will be dropped around 173 times per season.
  • People will somehow say "Ben and I's relationship" almost as often.
  • There will be increasing drama with each passing week, and Courtney Robertson and/or the people writing for Courtney Robertson will stir that ish up.

Monday was no exception as Courtney, Nicky Sterling, Kacie Boguskie and Lindzi Cox took Ben Flajnik to meet their parents in four awkward, contrived dates.

Courtney and Ben Kiss

Court brought her aggressive game this week, just when we thought she couldn't make us any more uncomfortable. Could the other girls hold a candle to her?

Who made the final three? Were The Bachelor spoilers right, or did Ben pull a surprise? Hint: Someone's dad prompted a breakup many did not see coming.

Here's THG's official +/- Bachelor recap:

Lindzi Cox kicked things off at home in Ocala, Fla., where Ben became only the second guy she's ever brought home. This girl has been seriously lacking for screen time since the premiere considering how clearly cool she is. Plus 23.

They chatted about the first man she brought home who she said later broke her heart. Plus 5, not for breaking Lindz's heart, but because it's the right time in one's courtship to start bringing things up ... not on the first or second date.

Her dad seems to delight in dropping Ben factoids. Plus 4.

"I've had a good feeling about Lindzi since the first night. She makes me feel good," Ben said in his confessional. Just not in the way Courtney does. Minus 20.

Her parents married in San Francisco's City Hall - the same place Ben and Lindzi had their first date! What are the odds?! (On this show, rather high!) Plus 3.

"I could see a forever future with Ben; I've never said that before," Lindzi told her mom after she met Ben. Aww. We're increasingly hoping she gets it. Plus 4.

Horeseback riding time! You knew it was coming. Plus 6.

Lindzi's dad: "We'd be honored to have you as our son-in-law!" Safe to say that went about as well as a contrived, reality TV meet-the-parents date could! Plus 9.

Nicki Sterling and Ben Flajnik

Courtney Robertson was up next, telling her folks, "[Ben] is smart and funny and I really feel like I'm falling for him. I, like, love him." Like, like, like, Minus 20.

At least she's candid with everyone and not putting on an act: "He makes me feel so special; If he keeps it up, I'll be ready to say yes if he proposes." Plus 8.

Of course, then she and the producers had to go totally over the top. Let's go have a picnic at the place Court ALWAYS WANTED to get married. Minus 13.

She then surprised Ben with a faux wedding ... complete with officiant. She handed Ben a notebook to write his down his vows, too. Incredible. Minus 17.

"We are not Mr. and Mrs. Flajnik yet, but it feels pretty good to try it on for size," Courtney Robertson says. Girl definitely knows how to make a point. Plus 9.

Minus 6, though, because that point is often unpleasant. As is her delivery. You can't fake all of this for entertainment's sake, can you? Who the heck knows.

Nicki Sterling the dental hygienist started her date off in a boot shop, where they snap up cowboy boots and hats. Always a nice touch for a Texas girl. Plus 10.

She then reveals she married the last man she brought home. Crickets. Minus 11.

Dad has some reservations: "I don't want you to get hurt. I may have too readily given your hand in marriage the first time." Honest and heartfelt. Plus 8.

Nicki's mom is more sold: "I see with Ben some kind of connection I've not seen ... even with her first husband." Really? Ben and Nicki? If you say so! Plus 5.

"[Ben] makes me feel cherished and special." - Nicki. Cherished? Minus 3.

Kacie Boguskie and Ben Flajnik

Kacie Boguskie finally welcomed Ben to visit her family, with a salute from a marching band at her high school and baton twirling by herself, obvi. Plus 16.

"When I'm around Kacie I feel like I'm at ease. She has this endearing quality that brings out the best in me," Ben said. Plus 7. Two hours later, though?

Kacie's dad is a federal probation officer who doesn't drink. Ben notes that this is "Strike one" given his profession. If only it didn't get worse ... Minus 5.

"I would be very frustrated if something my dad says causes Ben to question our relationship," Kacie said. Yup, that pretty much happened! Minus 5.

Ben asks if Kacie's dad is "comfortable" with their situation, and he tells him no. He clearly isn't thrilled with The Bachelor concept. Good guy. Plus 11.

"If Kacie is not the one for you, I would hope that would be communicated to her very soon to keep her from getting hurt more," says her dad. Plus 9.

Then he really piled it on: "If he was to ask me if he could marry you, I would say no," he said, adding to "get to know each other better." Plus 10.

"All of a sudden, everything is going wrong, I don't know if I can fix it," Kacie laments. Minus 7, because we are sad for her, but it may be for the best.

Ben eliminates Kacie B., which became plainly obvious. Minus 23.

"I had no clue this was coming. Am I not good enough? I don't get it! How did this happen? What the (bleep) happened?!" Kacie B. said, dejected.

Your dad happened. Plus 8. And Courtney happened. Minus 29.


Elimination: Kacie Boguskie.


Behind all this nonsense, the women all have egos and when their ego bubble is burst, they get ticked off.. Its all about his taste and what he is looking for, that is why I can't see why the girls get so worked up and can only imagine how it will be this Monday night.. Not watching all those women lower themselves and whine why they werent picked.. Its everyday life.. I do see him with Lindsey. Courtney is hopefully out of the picture..


Kacie B: You are very lucky to have parents who have decent morals. I wonder about the psychogocial problems from falling in love, living together and then finding you've given yourself to some loser. You can date and learn about your partner...after all on the show it is all fun and games. Life ain't like that. If Ben is so blind that he thinks Courtney is marriage material, then you don't want or need him. He has a lot of growing up to do. On the hour show, we saw 39 minutes of him and a partner kissing, no conversation, no what are your favorite things, nothing but lip-locking and sloppy at that. Life is real and serious...that was fake and contrived and if meant for good tv watching, it failed miserably. I am surprised that women even apply for the show. I thought this crop of women was the best looking ever, and I am sure they can find a real husband right in their hometown. Stay away from embarrassing yourself on this 'unreality tv', young women!


Ben is a simpleton! He has a weak chin...he is a weak personality...nothing! His hair always looks greasy and why they picked him is beyond me!
Kacie was to good for him!
He should have looked at Courtneys mother and he would see the gaunt witch she will become! UGH. And why everone says Courtney is so beautiful is beyond me...the majority of the other girls were much more pretty.


I wanted Ben and Lindzi together. I thought they were a perfect couple until that sleaze Courtney spoiled everything for them. He gave Lindzi the First Impression Rose so she definitely appealed to him at first meeting. Plus, he seemed to get along well with Lindzi's very nice parents. Too bad, Ben. I thought you had better taste. I did not see you and Ashley together, but I did see you and Lindzi together - you goofed with your very poor choice.


I can't stand Courtney. She is so fake. He is really dumb that he can't see that.She is 1 of the worst women they have ever had on the show.If he picks her I DON'T think I will ever watch the show again. It is so dumb this season.If Ben says one more time"I can see myself with this women for the rest of my life" I'm going to scream.He says that about everybody. Kacie is probably lucky he let her go.


Courtney is a sycho freak!!!! I would not be surprised at all if she kills him in his sleep, not that he doesn't deserve what she does to him. I'm glad he let Kacie B. go because she deserves a real man!! I hope Niki gets let go next so she can go find a real man also!! Courtney your a wack job, Ben you are too.
Can't wait for Emily to be the next bachelorette!


Lindzi gets my vote for the next Bachlorette, she is gorgeous and so sweet.


Really, these radiantly attractive women have no reason to complain. They get to show their best side on tv, they get to see exotic resorts that the rest of us will never get near, they are wined and dined in romantic settings. And the eventual "heartbreak" comes as no surprise, since they know from the start that the odds are 20-to-1 against them. If they are wise -- and Kacie was the wisest of Ben's suitors -- they will use their disappointment as an opportunity to learn empathy and compassion for others who are suffering, e.g., for the millions of Americans who have had their jobs, their homes and their savings taken from them, and the millions around the world who have lost everything because of natural disasters or war-making governments like (bleep). For once, I'd like to see a bachelor or bachelorette who cares about the real world, the world that is falling apart all around us. Is that too much to ask?


What amazes me is the girl Kacie Ben dumped last nite, acted soooo sweet during the show, then she gets eliminated and all she did was say what the f..k happend....Ya...........really sweet GUESS SHE SHOWED HER TRUE COLORS>>>>>I THOUGHT SHE WAS UGLY>>>>>>Even if Ben did like her, the Father blew it for her....It's always these self-righteous people from down the bible belt country, or whatever they call it, that are the phoniest people of earth..............yukkkkkkkkkkkk


Glad Kacie is gone...i didn't like her...nothing to look at, and then again is Ben....I can see him with Lindzi, but as we all know he picks the moron Courtney.....they are already broken up, from what i have read....SUPRISING????????????????? NOT???????????????? THIS SHOW IS DEFINITELY ON ITS LAST LEG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UGH>>>>>>

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