Courtney Robertson: Sort of Defended By Ex-Boyfriend Cavan Clark!

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The Bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson may not be a fan favorite.

That's the understatement of all time, actually, but her ex-boyfriend, Cavan Clark says that in real life, she's different from how she appears on the series.

Cavan says that "unlike what you see on the show, she's actually a nice girl, and getting a bad rap" based on the show's editing and media coverage.

Not sure how a 53-minute trash talk montage can be explained away, but good to hear! Seriously though. 53 minutes, not including Monday's episode:

"I still keep in touch with Courtney," he adds. "We dated, and after it ended she went on The Bachelor. Life happens; people fall in love and people break up."

The two met and fell in love while Courtney Robertson, 28, was modeling for one of the fashion lines Cavan Clark, a 36-year-old photographer, shoots for.

He does say Courtney is doing everything in her power to get the final rose ... and reading between the lines, that she might not be motivated by love.

"She's obviously doing everything she can to win this, seeing that it is a reality dating competition," he says of one of Ben Flajnik's final three women.

If The Bachelor spoilers we've compiled are to be believed, she may very well be one of the final two standing this season ... we'll have to wait and see.

Aside from Cavan, she dated Jim Toth, before he married Reese Witherspoon, Entourage's Adrian Grenier and Desperate Housewives' Jesse Metcalfe.

Clearly #winning a lot on the Hollywood dating scene.

What do you think of Courtney Robertson?


Am I right in thinking she's pretty insecure actually? Seems to me if you have to call others names, you don't have much confidence yourself.


I love Courtney. She's a breath of fresh air. Everybody else on the show try to act like they're nice girls but actually, they are the ones who are hypocrites. Look how they rip into her in the WTA! They are mean! I didn't like some of Courtney's antics in the earlier episodes and a few of those crossed some lines but over all I think that she is honest and she does not seek out to hurt anyone. I have a suspicion that she acted the way she did because some of the women crossed her and the cameras didn't let us see that. To me she does not come across as mean, just quirky, with a sense of humor.


I thought Courtney was fun and funny on the show. I liked her because she was quirky and really it is a competition that she was trying to win, just as the otheres were that were sent home. They may not have liked her, but I did and I think she will make some man happy as long as he can take sarcasm and edgy jokes. I thought the way the girls all attacked her was worse than anything she did to any of them. I hope see sees the positive notes from people, because Courtney,,,not everbody is a hater.


My parents, who both watch the Bachelor, along with me, go on and on about how much they hate Courtney and that she is a bitch and psychopath, but honestly I like Courtney! I think she is downright hilarious and we have to remember this is a dating game show. Courtney is pulling out all the stops to get to the top and I admire her confidence and optimism. She makes the show worth watching, other wise it would be the same old sobby love boring story. I don't care if they "make it" in eternal love, who cares! It's good entertainment and Courtney is quirky and enjoyable!


Courtney is a little weird, but cute. Apparently, Ben likes weird.


I also think that Courtney is quirky and hilarious. It's a competition, not a sorority, and I think the comments on the message boards are really ugly and brutal...way more than anything she or Ben have done to deserve it. Which is nothing, when you really think about it in the context of the show.


Courtney made the show enjoyable to watch every week. If it wasn't for her, this show would not be worth watching. This is a contest of wits and beauty. She got the prize in the end...but, is she going to keep it? That's the Million dollar question!


OMG people are so mean to courtney, i think she is so funny! IT'S NOT EVEN TRASH TALK 53 minutes? Didn't think any of it was trash talk??? She's just honest, i completly agree with her also on that Emily is an idiot and Cacie B are a little girl, and all the other women too. Write something nice about ocurtney??? I don't get why people think she's evil? I'm from SWeden but didn't think you americans were so sensitive (or whats the word)?! Courtney is the best that could happen to the Bachelor, love her. She and Ben are so cute together :-)


Who??? Who cares...

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