Where the Heck is Demi Moore?

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She's out of the hospital, that much we know. But based on the panic on one end of the recently-released 911 call, Demi Moore is far from out of the woods.

So where is the troubled star at the moment? An insider tells E! News Moore is NOT enrolled in a rehab program, but she has been undergoing some kind of "spiritual counseling," while, presumably, still living at home.

Daughters Tallulah and Rumer, meanwhile, are residing at their father's Los Angeles condo.

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore

Rumer, however, spent at least one fun night on the town this weekend.

Various sources report she ate dinner on Saturday with Annie Starke, Annie's mother Glenn Close and Close's husband David Shaw at Comme Ça in West Hollywood, before ending the evening at Chateau Marmont.

Willis has been in the news lately because she spent a lot of time with her mother prior to Demi's hospitalization last week, with evidence seeming to point to Rumer actually being present when the 911 call was placed.

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I have to admit that I find this one of the most difficult tignhs to deal with. It's not like those lucky bastards can help being born in wealthy, successful families but I wonder if they appreciate the journey others have to go through as much. Just finding your way and where to start as an actor can be super difficult already.Here in the Netherlands daughters of directors etc. even get a special audition round at the best theater schools!


If both BW and AK are nice guys, they should not have cheated DEMI MOORE causing her in this situation. They feel guilty and want to show to the world. Shit! I would never watch their movies!!!!! BW is the Hollywood hypocrite. He wanted to show off to he world he is the hero. Unfortunately he is not. He don’t have to wait for his ex-wife so ill, then now wanted to show off how helpful he is. Shame on him the Womanizer. He should have given her your Idaho home earlier. BULLSHIT. Hollywood Politics. PEASE do not disturb Demi Moore. Leave her alone. Both BW and AK have hurt her so much. BW go back to your crazy immature gold digger, your 4 years crazy love , and to enjoy your crazy fun to create your crazy offsprings. To lick more chicks juices…


@BrookB- Well said.


Some Women are cheated (used as horndog) and dumped by the men, These Men are not REAL MEN but to buy GIRLS, they are just worst than animals........


RUMER, Be an obedient child to your dearest mother DEMI MOORE. She was sooooo pity being cheated by your dad BW and your stepfather AK. They are IDOTS, and Womanizers..........Love you DEMI MOORE!


Why should we know where she is every minute of every day. Maybe she wants some privacy! She's not Kim Kardashian after all.


Why daughters go away from her mother DEMI MOORE? Why scare? Please remember your mother go through lot of pains to give birth to you three beautiful lady. Sadly noted, not obedient daughters! I would never watch your movies, Bruce willis and Rumer! They are not honorable! Sadly! Sadly! Sadly!


It's good for DEMI MOORE to seek for spiritual counseling. Wishing her a speedy recovery soon. Be Strong DEMI MOORE. Who are the IDOTS cheated and hurt her in such situation? Hope her daughters will be obedient to her too. Gods Bless Demi Moore! Love and Hugs!


Who gives a shit?

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