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Nadya “Octomom” Suleman shared some thoughts on her octuplets, who just turned three, on UStream this weekend. She likened raising them to fecal matter.

To be fair, she did not say they’re crap overall, and believes the blessings far outweigh the negatives. Still, you may want to reconsider your word choice, Nads.

In a 30-minute nonsensical rant, Octomom lashes out for 21 minutes against her haters, whom she calls “obsessors” that “hide behind their computer screen.”

She then gets into the “joy” of child-rearing …

Octomom on UStream

Recalling the conception of her octuplets, Nadya Suleman acts like she had no control in the matter and says she prayed, “Please God, don’t let there be eight!”

She says she’s not showing them on UStream because “I want to protect them and … I got in trouble a little bit showing the eight in the beginning.” Mmm.

About 19 minutes in, she says, “Is this easy? God no, it’s not easy at all! I’m not going to be trying to don any façade and say ‘Oh yeah, life is a piece of cake.'”

“It’s not. It’s a piece of poop … eight pieces of poop, all day long.”

Nadya then adds that the “rewards outweigh anything negative” and that “Your opinion of me and my family, it’s none of my business, so lets keep it that way.”

Perhaps referring to her kids as poop isn’t the best way to assure that, Octo, but it looks like she’s keeping her weekly UStream show going. Thank goodness.