Rumor of a Rumer: Was Daughter Present During Demi Moore Smoking Session?

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Demi Moore was sent to the hospital earlier this week due to some kind of foreign substance inhalation. That's not in dispute.

But many are now asking just who was in the presence of this actress during the incident, specifically wondering: Was 23-year old daughter Rumer Willis actually there?!?

The chatter is based on the 911 call (below) placed on Demi's behalf, during which someone in Moore's party turns to someone else nearby and asks: "Hey, Ru. What's the name at the gate so that we can buzz them in from here?"

Willis often goes by this nickname, even using it for her Twitter handle, and other reports say she and her mother have been spending a lot of time together recently, including attendance at a party two weeks ago that featured a bizzare-behaving Moore.

Listen for the" Ru" reference now:


Pity Demi Moore. She has gone through a lot of pains to give birth to these 3 beautiful princess. What she get in return?????? Demi Moore stand on your own feet, be strong. We are looking forwards to watch your new movies. Wife off your tears. You have paid off you bad debts to your previous last 2 unhappies marriages. They are not REAL MEN buy GIRLS. Cheated on wife!


This makes no sense. Demi can afford, and have the connections for real pot. Why use the fake crap? This seems like one giant, pathetic, publicity stunt.


Who cares, the girl is 23. And 23 year olds hang out with their moms. Especially 23 year olds whose moms like to act and appear and marry young. And obviously these people probably have access to any drug/diet pill/surgery/whatever they want. And they all probably do god knows what to their bodies and it's rare that there are ever repercussions.

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