Amy Brumfield: American Idol Hopeful, Tent-Dweller, Ex-Con

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As usual, American Idol featured a wide variety of hopefuls on its season 11 premiere.

There was Phillip Phillips, the singer so nice his parents named him twice. There was Shannon Magrane, a 15-year old who Steven Tyler likes way too much. And there was Amy Brumfield, who made an impression on the judges for her take on "Superwoman," and on viewers for her backstory:

The 24-year lives in a tent with her boyfriend and, according to TMZ, has battled with the law on numerous occasions. Brumfield has been arrested six times in the last seven years, with multiple alcohol-related charges on her record and one criminal trespassing arrest in 2005.

But, hey, we all deserves second seventh chances, right? Take in her story and her audition below:


Give me and Amy a break. Next thing y'all be saying that the minor/student contestants MUST have a certain grade point average. Or, if you are unemployed,don't enter at all. Almost every previous WINNER has a past too. Judge them on their "Talent",not their past!!!


First of all, why does American Idol every year, put on the sob stories.....It's totally a waste of time and energy.....Do the producers seriously think that these people like the one who lives in a tent, will get sympathy sickens me every year....this show has to change its's getting ridiculous......i wouldn't mind but this chic, wasn't even talented from what i saw....i thought this was a singing competition, and not a show about who lives where and how a person lives.....Get with it Idol, you'll be losing lots of viewers soon.....this show has gotten tiring....and the dude that supposedly looked like Ryan Seacrest.....OMG...seriously,,,,,,he looked nothing like him.....he did however sound a lot like him, but that was about it....and is it me or did Steven Tyler get a little bit more annoying with the young ladies singing on the show.....he's acting like a pervert, and i can't stand that....sorry, but that's how he comes across......


All the offenses are misdemeanors and lord knows some of the rappers that we listen to have worse offenses so leave her alone and let her do her thing!!


This girl has 2 kids...where are they?


She shouldnt be judged on her passed look at all the talented plp who have a criminal passed or who are in jail now we still listen to their music or watch them on tv and movies , i wish the best for her.


Honestly, she shouldn't qualify to be on American Idol with a criminal past. She's only 24, so that stuff has to be recent!


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