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Job very well done, Phillip Phillips. This American Idol hopeful stood out the most of all contestants in Savannah, Georgia.

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (89 Votes)

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did u guys see whats the songs are this week?? hes sooo going to do volcano by damien rice, and its gonna be over for the other contestants. this guys gonna win, and its going to be another lee dewyze, which im sorry for, so lets make him frontrunner. he doesnt NEED to win anymore, and its going to be better for him if he has creative control over his record. the others need to win this because they wont have any opportunities. i mean, that girl hollie its not going to get famous by herself, and the gospel pitchy dude needs this, bcse if he doesnt win hes gonna spend the rest or his life singing the solos for his local church. the only one who doesnt need to win this either is jessica.with her whitney houston sounds-a like, there is no way that she is not going to get a deal. PHILLIP PHILLIPS AND HOLLIE CAVANAGH TOP 2!!


Soy de jujuy argentina sigo todos los programa me parecen extraordinarios los participantes. . . Mis favoritos son phillip y h. Yun los amo!!


The Best!!!!


Are you all kidding, he is like a Dave Matthews stalker.....he is nothing more than an imitater......there is nothing original about a guy who has copied everything down to the way he wears his guitar strap and his eye movements.....he is the least original performer, all he does is mimick Dave and interpret the sond exactly as Dave would do it......come on America


This dude is amazing!,how much better can you possibly get? Really hope he wins,I know Ill be voting for him all the way!


Phillip Phillips Rocks!!!


I love him have'nt seen this much talent in ages I am watching in Australia so unable to vote I know he will just get better and better


I've said it before; Phillip is freaking awesome. He reminds me so much of Dave Matthews but yet Phillip is still his own person. He's #1 in my book; an American Idol winner


iloveee him !! he's perfect! he's such a hottie &that voice


He is so freaking good. Obviously going to be the next american idol, just remember to vote! He has so much talent and he's sort of humble and understated. Love him!

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