Shannon Magrane Wows American Idol Judges, Earns Creepy Steven Tyler Praise

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Shannon Magrane made quite the impression on American Idol judges during last night's season 11 premiere.

Awkwardly for the 15-year old's father, though, it wasn't simply due to her singing.

In a clearly contrived set-up, Randy asked Shannon after her athletic interests... which led to a mention that her dad, Joe, pitched in the 1987 World Series... which led to Joe and other family members entering the room... which led to Joe asking Steven Tyler about Boston and the Aerosmith frontman responding:

"Great, beautiful. Hot, humid and happening... just like your daughter!"

But let's not let that quip detract from Magrane's performance, as she earned a ticket to Hollywood due to a cover of "Something's Got a Hold on Me." We'll be keeping an eye on Shannon, just not in the way Tyler implied above.

Remaining our overall favorite from Savannah, though? Phillip Phillips, by a long shot.


It MADDEN me laugh over and over and over again! ! Too funny! Almost wet my pants. Love them all


Barnsinger=Get over it! It was no big deal,Worst comments have been made - It's show business, and the show must go on.!Remember the old
saying taught as a child "stick & stones.....


The dad was talking about I beliieve savanah n said all the hot humid stuff. Steven tyler said like your daughter. Not justifying it but really you could tell he was joking with the face he made after he said what he did.


Blakeley= you dare put Jlo down "look at yourself in the mirror and make the change".She is beautiful,full of life and still young.She can not envy any of these "wanabees".She made it thru hard work and perseverance.The girl from the Bronx made it big!,and still strong.


I'm sorry but i just cannot stomach J.Lo....Did anyone else notice last nite when the NBA dancer sang?? that girl was very talented and very very pretty....the guys said yes to her, and that J.Lo said no....She forever is jealous of younger, pretty women, and you can see the envy in her face and in her voice....She's getting up in age now, and can't compete with these younger, prettier women, and she should grow the hell up....Your not the Diva honey, you think you are.....and your looks are fading fast.....Get a life, J.Lo and stop being with men that look like your totally disgust me.....yukkkkkkkkkkkk


I was watching the show and it seemed as if some comments were deleted during the exchange. Am I wrong?


Steven Tyler is the most qualified judge on this show and not only
has a heart of gold but is a jokester. He is sweet and sincere.


This is one of many reasons why I hate Steven Tyler as a judge. And to say this to her father? He has no class and no respect, and did I mention that his outfit is hideous? Simon never said anything like that about female contestants. He was always a gentleman, and judged them on what mattered. That said, Shannon is outstanding, and my early pick to win.

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