Alliance Kamdem Restraining Order Request Against Gabriel Aubry: Denied!

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While Halle Berry attempts to deny Gabriel Aubry access to daughter Nahla - following a report that claims he shoved the child's nanny while she was holding the three-year old - a Los Angeles judge has granted this model one tiny victory in court.

Alliance Kamdem, the nanny in question, had applied for a restraining order against her former employer on grounds that he has abused her physically and emotionally, twice pushing her out of doorways; sometimes violently snatching his child out of her arms; and once even saying she was a "spy."

Nahla and Dad

But a judge referred to Kamdem's petition today as "insufficient and speculative." He said she should take her complaint to family court.

Alliance quit her position after the most recent incident and has also filed a police report against Aubry.



It makes me sick when people drag their children into a bitter break up. No one likes you anyway Halle just shut up.


Why does she fear him now?she had a kid by him now she does not want him to have anything to with his kid .has he hurt the baby in any way? Or is she just being mean?so sad when the kids are used for grown up mistakes.


Talk about irony,back in the 1990's Halle played the part of a mother fighting for custody of her son in the movie Losing Isaiah. It seems that Gabriel was a wonderful person and father until Halle broke up with him and took up with current "squeeze" Olivier Martinez!!


I believe that Halle knows how to be the movie star,but she can only control her life in the spotlight. Behind the scenes of reality,her marriages are a thing of the past, and once she split with Gabriel, suddenly he was No longer father material. Some fans may see Halle Berry as movie star material, but I believe that she is more of a combination of the "whip welding character Cat Woman and the very convincing villain" she portrayed in Jungle Fever!!


I too believe Halle is a sweetheart only in the spotlight but probably REALLY difficult. She looks difficult doesn't she?? Kudos to the judge for not falling for it; I don't believe it for a second!


@Twiggy.... I think the nanny was paid off by Halle to make her -ex look bad. So you're right, double payday for her.


Don't buy her story any more than the judge did. I bet Halle put her up to it and before you know it, she'll file a multi-million $ lawsuit for her supposed pain and suffering.

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