Gabriel Aubry Accused of Shoving Baby-Holding Nanny

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Gabriel Aubry could be in major trouble with the law.

The Canadian model, who shares custody of three-year old Nahla with Halle Berry, is under investigation for allegedly screaming at his nanny last week and shoving her out a door... while the woman cradled the child in her arms.

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According to a police report published by TMZ, Aubry kept Nahla home from school last Wednesday, unbeknownst to the nanny. When she arrived at Gabriel's house and asked why the tyke was not in class, Berry's ex supposedly went off on her:

"You're the f*cking nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don't need to f*cking know anything."

He then pushed her out the door.

The nanny filed a complaint and authorities are investigating Aubry for misdemeanor child endangerment and misdemeanor battery. Child services is also looking into the incident.

Aubry and Berry have been battling over their daughter for months. The latter alleged neglect against the former last summer.



Maybe you can shudecle his party before Calebs, therefore no expectations? Kids that age mostly don't care anyway as long as they get to rip open some presents and eat the icing off some cake.


Years ago Halle went on The Oprah Show and indicated that she would accept Nate Burkus' sperm in a cup. Not too long afterward she and Gabriel hooked up to what appeared to be a loving friendship. I believe that a lot of people were happy for Halle and her impending motherhood. Now that Halle has this beautiful child, there appears to be No peace in the relationship with the father of her only child. It's true that Halle has a history of two failed marriages,but it is hard to believe that she is spending more time in court with Gabriel than she did with both ex-husbands. PEACE!!


@gossip thats what every woman that have tolerated being abuse say right before they go to meet their maker.
He is a gentleman my @$$ he is a brute


@gossip thats what every woman that have tolerated being abuse say right before they go to meet their maker.
He is a genteman my @$$ he is a brute


For years, Halle went on talks shows professing her Need to have a child. She even went so far as to go on the Oprah Show and indicated that she would accept Nate Burkus' sp


Wasn't Kyle Minogue with Oliver Martinez, Halles now boyfriend ?


Gossip, you are so right. He left Kyle Minogue as she was battling cancer. He stayed with her long enough to become famous. He is a self serving creep. So over Halle, too. Spoiled, entitled whackadoo! Just cause she's gorgeous doesn't mean she's a good person. She chose to have a child with an unfit father and now blames him???


Most if not all women who have been abused are insanely protective of our young. But Halley was not there. You cant blame her for this one.


Berry is a complete nut job. It's been know for years.


bulli do not beleive any of it, he is a gentle man, better thatn the one she is with, who left his exgirlfriend when finding out she had breast cancer, according to the gossip columns

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Gabriel Aubry was the longtime boyfriend of Halle Berry. He's still the father of her daughter, Nahla, of course, who was born at 10:17... More »
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