Taylor Armstrong to Write Memoir, Profit from Husband's Suicide

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She's already given numerous interviews about the suicide of her estranged husband. She's released hospital photos aiming to prove he beat her.

So is anyone really surprised by the following fact? Taylor Armstrong will release a memoir in February.

Taylor Armstrong and Russell Armstrong on Bravo

The 272-page book will be titled "Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within," and, of course, Armstrong claimed she is writing it to raise awareness of domestic violence.

“It will be a memoir and the abuse she endured while married to Russell, as well as another abusive relationship she was in the past will all be detailed," a friend tells Radar Online.

And all profits will go toward domestic violence causes, right? To help with such an important, personal issue? Not according to any sources, no.

As seen above, Taylor and Russel's marital problems have disgustingly taken center stage on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. He was found dead in his Los Angeles home on August 15.

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Rowan, I agree with what yousaid but I doubt it applies to Russell and Taylor's marriage. She never had solid proof and if in fact she did have the black eye and broken eye socket there would have been an investigation. Not just believing her daughter kicked her. Wow what a powerful kick from a 4 yr old. Funny the girls didn't think twice about it after having heard the remarks Taylor made to them in the last couple years. Get real she is a poor excuse for a human being.


What's even crazier are the posters defending this cretin! Expect backlash when your're on a reality show putting all this sheet out there!


This chick is nuts. All she cares about is who she can suck dry of money next. I bet it's so easy for her to claim Russell abused her now that he's dead and cannot defend himself. She's a freakin' wack job, fame-whore, money sucking loser. Go drop off the face of the Earth.


Boy, I would hate to know the people casting all the stones...Lest ye have walked a mile in her shoes, you should all just keep your crappy thoughts to yourselves. You people who are name-calling like you know anything are merely jealous, hateful, and bitter. You have no idea what price she paid for anything she endured.
And if the kids posting here have a brain in their heads, they will hopefully be sorry for such vile, nasty words.


I am sickened by the comments on here. If you, yourself, have never been a victim of domestic violence, YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK. This disease is extremely complicated for both the abuser and the abused especially where there are children involved. How DARE YOU judge whether a person is telling the truth or not or why she is speaking out. Being quiet only protects the abuser -- it does not change him. Shame on you!!!!!


Why is everyone forming opinions? We will never know the truth...Sometimes it is stranger than fiction.


Yeah right! She should just dump all those books in the bin because I'm pretty sure no one would want to read bitch fits in a book that would cost a lot of money. Heck I would prefer reading jack and the bean stalk than that crap!!!


Taylor is, plain and simple, a money whore, and she is totally to blame for Russel's suicide. So she didn't like that he never seemed to enjoy himself at parties, that he couldn't dance, was possessive. Big deal! Why didn't she leave him? As long as he provided for her and her lavish lifestyle, he was almost good enough. Sure, she constantly complained to the wives about him, but hey, as long as he doled out the money, she went along for the ride. Amazing that user / loser women like her still exist; I would like to hope that they someday soon they will follow Tyrannosaurus rex into extinction.


As usual, lots of people blame the VICTIM of domestic violence. Same as it ever was. I am happy that Taylor could make some bucks with her book. As a child I was a victim of domestic violence. I am glad that Russell is dead. He will never again hurt his wife. And he will never have the chance to start in on his daughter. Too bad he didn't kill himself years ago.


Reply to Meg:" POOR RUSSELL??? ", "Whether or not he was violent is not the issue.." What IS the issue then? You think that by confiding in people that she was being abused by her husband is more egregious than, oh I don't know, a black f*****g eye? You have got to be insane. Read any report about this man's previous relationships and his treatment of women. And you think he was the victim? I think nothing about Taylor's past or finances is on the level. But he did hit her. He abused her. That is the issue. And you say, poor Russell...

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